Wisconsin Quilt Expo's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge

The Wisconsin Quilt Expo people, who provide an awesome quilt show the weekend after Labor Day, is asking quilters to create a mini modern quilt for a challenge and they will offer awards. The required size is 24" x 24" or smaller and no other rules. Just a deadline of Tuesday May 23, 2017 which wasn't a lot of time so I had to hustle to get it done!!

I had explored hair silhouettes in the past but worked with eight hairstyles and could only use 6 to get them to fit in the size restrictions. I wanted to stay true to my love of portrait quilts and my salute to hair styles. I selected a 1940s bumper bangs style, a 50s Barbie doll-like ponytail, a 1960s updo, a 70s Afro, a 80s short spiky style and a 90s curly high ponytail. I used a solid piece of black fabric and determined the 60 degree lines (6 sections and six silhouettes.) I then echo stitched in lime green, yellow orange, red orange, pink, blue violet and turquoise the six sections. I selected the six hair silhouette colors because of my obsession of the color wheel and my love of color order on the color wheel. After the quilting was complete I fused the silhouettes to the quilt and stitched them done. Because this is a "modern" quilt I did not add embellishments since modern to me means minimalistic.

The quilt is 24" square and went together pretty fast and I submitted it to the contest online. Follow at #ModernMIniQuiltChallenge