Wisconsin Quilt Museum's Strawberry Challenge: Strawberry Blonde

There is a Wisconsin Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum in Cedarburg WI. The city of Cedarburg has a strawberry festival every June and the city and the museum joined forces and created a strawberry quilt contest this June.

I came up with the idea of strawberry blonde because it is a commonly used term in the hair salon to describe light red hair and I decided to be literal with the description and give a woman hair made of strawberries.

I did not own any strawberry themed fabric and went shopping for some but only found one digitally printed version. I put a post on my Facebook page to see if any of my FB friends had strawberry fabrics and/or buttons/trims. People came through with 5 different prints which I fussy cut all but one which I used in the background. Another friend brought me 2 styles of shank strawberry buttons. At my local quilt show late April one of my 5th grade hair customers/new quilter told me to go to a particular booth because there was red with white dot buttons which I purchased!!

I fashioned the hair as a collage and created rows of strawberries, including sliced ones, to look like strands of hair. I used burgundy for the under part of the hair and the digital print for the right side foundation. I added the dotted buttons as a row as well.

The dress was influenced by the green on green stripe from my stash that reminded me of 1960s dresses with the stripes going in all directions. I wanted to add embellishments but everything was too bold and took away from the hair. I purchased nail art motifs from The Dollar Tree which had a summer theme and included fruit and I was happy to discover there were sliced strawberries which were very tiny and worked well!!


This photo is a close up of the face and hair. I love using Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics for the skin tone gradations, eye brows, lips, lashes and iris. I embellished the face with a bit of nail polish, fabric paint and a "strawberry" nose piercing!

Dress close up photo

Dress close up photo

Button close up photos.

The contest is on display at the WI Quilt Museum from June 3-22 in which voting of entries will take place. The Strawberry Festival is June 24-25, 2017 and the quilts are on display until July 9th at the museum.

If this quilt does not get a ribbon in the contest I will have a quilt I really enjoy and I can use it for a color theory sample of a Complimentary Color Scheme of red and green. Also fun because these two colors are usually associated with Christmas, As they say "nature always gets it correct with color!"