Altered Couture:Fun and Finished

Here is the finished project in which I posted last Sunday with the original jacket and now the jacket is a vest. I used the flowered fabric on the front and back yokes and the striped fabric on the collar and the inset belt. I chose to hand sew the fabric to the denim because I had more control than with the sewing machine. I added a multi color trim to the armholes and a multi color flower theme trim to the collar with hand sewing as well. I then took these fun flower shaped buttons and added them to the front band area. The hard part to decide when to quit adding embellishments.
In the back I decided to not add buttons beauase they can rub on things and break and/or fall off. I didn't add the flowery trim to the waist area because I didn't want to draw the eye to my waist!! I kept the interest up high and away from the parts of me that I don't want to accentuate. I thought it had enough doo dads and quit!! I can wear it this fall with a short sleeve t-shirt and when it gets cold I can wear a long sleeved t-shirt or in the summer with a sundress. I will wear it to the WI Quilt Expo and be able to use parts of my vest as a learning tool for my lecture. Below are two close ups of the vest.

New Project: Altered Couture

I went to the Green Bay St. Vinny's Store to find jackets to alter and embellish. I found this srtetch denim jacket for $3 and will slice and dice and add to it to take it from boring to fun and colorful!!! I plan to finish it and wear it for my lecture at the WI Quilt Expo on Sept. 8, 2011.

I chose these two fabrics to add some color, pattern and ruffles. I will add plenty of embellishments and variegated threads. I have already cut the sleeves off and am excited to do some "altered couture" like the magazine and Project Runway!! What would Tim Gunn say???