Bella Catalina

I love making Bella quilts from my Bella pattern! I made this one using a Moda Catalina batik charm pack from Pine Street Quilts where I work on Tuesdays. I also selected a very dark brown from the shop as the applique fabric. I used some of the left over charm squares cut in half and sewn end to end as a pieced border.

I quilted a leaf design on each cheek and the chin with variegated thread. I added some grass green glitter to the veins of the leaf on the left cheek to add definition. I embellished with some loose glitter/glue on the eyelid and I also added some glitter nail polish on the mouth.

I presented this quilt to the owner of the quilt shop as a potential quilt kit and she agreed! I will also will be teaching this quilt as a class on Saturday January 10, 2015 and students can create their Bella quilt in any color way whether monochromatic, color wheel or a charm pack version.

I taught this class last Saturday in Green Bay, WI and was impressed with the student's creativity and am inspired my their color choices and want to create more Bella quilts!!

Bella Inverta: Reversing Values

I made this quilt as part of my teaching demo at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago in June. It began with a Moda Charm Pack called Soho Chic. The top fabric was the one in the upper right hand corner of the quilt. I fell in love with the chartreuse, eggplant, teal and dark pink. When I started choosing the 25 squares for the quilt I picked all the light ones and really disliked what was happening. Then I realized there were "darks" and :lights" but no "mediums" which was a lesson in VALUE! I usually pick the lights and mediums for the pieced background and use a dark coordinating batik for the applique. I set those light prints aside for the binding and grabbed the rich colored dark squares that I loved from the beginning. But then what do I use for the applique so it is visible? I reversed it and went with a light color to get optimum CONTRAST! I purchased a piece to cream batik and it reminds me of a photo negative. I name my quilt series Bella (good in Italian) ... Negative seemed, well, negative so I tried the word reverse in Italian and it was "inverto" which I switched to the female "inverta" hence the name of the quilt.

 This photo shows some of the many trims, beads, baubles and flowers I had auditioned as embellishments for this quilt. These are the rejects. I chose some lime green rhinestones for the background, some hot pink glitter nail polish for the mouth, hot pink loose glitter on the eyelid and instead of my usual white reflection dot on the eye I "reversed" with a dark brownish purple.  Then I had some fun jewel tone Christmas garland I took apart and hand sewed the sequins to the outside of the binding for some bling. These large sequins remind me of the winter hats we used to wear in the winter as children! (a baby boomer moment!)
 This is one on the original style Bella quilts with a colorful background with black applique.  Bella Chroma.

And this quilt called Bella Rosa (pink in Italian.) This monochromatic color scheme is a great way to have a VALUE study.
This quilt is now a pattern and is available on my website

I Changed My Mind and Made One More Bella Quilt!

 I posted when I displayed my last "Bella" quilt in the series that I was done with making these quilts. I changed my mind!! I am obsessed with the color wheel and I had been online purchasing these lovely fabrics from Pink Castle Fabrics so the two came together. Pink Castle Fabrics are from Ann Arbor MI and have a website and I had purchased 11 months of stash builder fat quarter bundles. I cancelled when it was time for the brown bundle-not my thing unless the browns are batiks for faces and skin tones. The fabrics are great because some are small polka dots, small tone on tones and some have white prints which seem "Modern" to me.

I chose to accent the face with the yellows, greens and oranges. To me warm tones dominate and push forward while cool tones recede and create depth. The color wheel has 12 colors and I selected 2 of each and one extra since the quilt has 25 background squares. I picked pink for the 25th color since it's my favorite. I like to position blue next to orange since it reminds me of my daughter because those were her high school colors. Weird, I know, but I like blue and orange side by side.

I chose black as the applique color to have the most contrast and black and brights are another favorite of mine! I machine quilted using 5 different variegated threads to color coordinate with the area needing quilting.
I quilted the face with one half straight lines cross hatched and the other half in circles because I liked the contrast of lines.
For embellishments I picked a monogamous color to coordinate with the area on the quilt it was being placed. The flower in the hair was orange, the background rhinestones are purple, red and plum, the nose rhinestone in gold, the eye glitter is orange, the lip glitter is green and the necklace beads are a mirror image of teals on one side and green on the other. the color blue is not represented in the embellishments.
I am considering making this quilt into a pattern.