Bras for a Cause/It Needs an Entry Title!!!

I first posted this subject with all the materials laying on a table together ready to put together. So, ta-da, it is finished. The rules stated the bra had to be covered both inside and out and also the straps. I received FREE fabric from Christey S. from Pizazz Salon in Menominee MI and it began with the piece of brown and pink fabric which I used on the back of the bra. Then I felt like using pink, my favorite color, not even thinking about the color for breast cancer research etc. I added ribbon, flower trim, sequin dangly trim on the bottom, felt/rhinestone flowers on the top of the cup area and a ribbon/tulle trim on the straps. I hand sewed the fabric to the bra and hot glued all the frou frou. I do not have to send it off until mid-January so I can enjoy it for a little while. I am donating it for a silent auction. I am having a brain drain with naming it-any possiblitities would be appreciated.
Thanks, lol

Bras for a Cause

I have decided to enter the "Bras for a Cause, Art Stitching Lives Back Together". It sounds like a fun project to do besides quiltmaking. Everyone starts with a bra and decorates it any mixed-art media likefabric, quilting, paint, beads and any type of froufrou. There will be a Best of Show,1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the bras are donated for a silent auction. The proceeds go toward the Florida Patient Assistance Foundation. The dealine to enter is Nov. 30. 2009. For inquiries go to I have the bra, a pink floral print, a brown/pink print for the back, a couple of trims, some felt flowers, some pink tulle, a few silk flowers and I'll top it off with some shiny stuff of glitter and rhinestones. I'll post the finished project asap. I had a '80's flashback when I hand sewed gold coins and chains to a bra when I used to bellydance. One had to jingle when we shoulder shimmied!!