Class I Taught in Escanaba

I taught a facial design workshop in Escanaba MI last Friday. I am a bit late posting this. My computer skills frustrate me and I was mad at myself. I wish I knew more then I could fly through this. Also it's summer and I'm enjoying my flower gardens!! Back to the class, the photo on the left is the work of Amber. she chose a self portrait and being "Amber" she chose amber tones. I wish my name was a color!! The photo on the right is of Glenna who chose a photo of a child. Her photo had the hair blending into the background. There were photos of children, elderly, self portraits and even Albert Einstein.

Keepsake Quilting 2007 Revisited

In the fall of 2007 I entered this quilt The Woman With Red Lips" in the Keepsake Quilting "Black, White and Red" Challenge. All participants purchased the same 6 fabrics and were challenged to make a quilt 30"x30". I had never done this challenge thing before and it was the first quilt I mailed off. I received 2nd place out of over 100 entries which was wonderful!!! This shop/business has in their rules 1st and 2nd place become their property for traveling exhibits. I went to a local quilt show in Escanaba MI today knowing the Keepsake Quilting traveling exhibit would be on display. All week I prayed my quilt would be there and I was so happy to see it displayed!! It was like an old friend I have been missing and got to see again. This quilt represents the turning point of my journey to enter regional and national quilt shows and step outside the box. I have several photos of this quilt but to see it again made my day!! I have decided to make another one for myself to replace the one I saw today. I have the original face pattern but plan to tweek it because I can (no rules) and I prefer scrappy quilts to using only 6 fabrics. I will make this quilt the same size and colors.