Northwoods Quilt Show Demos

My local quilt friend, Lisa Thoune, was camera happy on Saturday and took this photo of me doing my fabric postcard demo at the Northwoods Quilt Show this weekend. I did one on Saturday afternoon and one Sunday late morning. I had a nice group of ladies come to the table. I printed 5 copies of my new Intro to Portrait Quilts pattern "Angelina" and thought I'd try to sell them while I was demoing. I sold 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday including one to an area quilt shop that seemed interested in me teaching my techniques. Hooray!!! Lisa has a blog I plan to do an story soon about Lisa but if you want a sneak peak check out her blog.

Lisa also took a picture of my new pattern. I named her after a flower because I also love to garden and I thought this was a logical way of naming future patterns and then I began with a "A." So the next pattern will be a "B" name. So if you are interested in a pattern I would love to send you one and even teach a class on it. E-mail me!!! Also a shout out to Glenda Banta from Marinette WI who was my Print Shop instructor!!

Homonym Quilt Challenge

I have Quilting Arts Magazine on my Facebook page and they posted a quilt contest using words that were homonyms and homographs. So I learned a new word that day in order to see if I wanted to enter the contest!! Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings such as red/read or pray/prey. I enlisted the help of my friend Glenda Banta who is great with words and challenged her to help me find a good choice. She had the best homonym of hair and hare since I'm a hairdresser and do portrait quilts. Instead of hair I used hares for the hair. So I asked myself what is the difference between a rabbit and a hare? A hare has longer ears and bigger feet (kind of like people!) So when I made the applique' for the hare I made the ears/feet larger. I thought of another homonyn of carrot and carat and I made 5 Scupley molding clay carrots and made them into buttons to attach to the quilt. I finished the necklace with orange rhinestones and some shimmer paint on the carrots. I was feeling like this was very Alice in Wonderland like so the woman's make up was influenced by the Mad Hatter's make up. The woman took on a "mad/crazy" look so it came full circle. I added fabric paint, Sharpie pens, glitter nail polish and a few green rhinestones to the background as embellishments. The piece is called "Mad as a March Hare: I Put My 'Hare' Up to Show Off My 5 'Carrot' Necklace!" I had a ton of fun making this quilt since it was out of the ordinary and a bit crazy!!

Venus Rising: A Celebration of Women in Art at Spies Library Gallery, Menominee, MI

A Celebration of Women in Art
Spies Library Gallery
940 1st Street
Menominee, MI 49858
January 4-31, 2011

Glenda Banta
Laurie Ceesay
Kathleen Eaton
Patricia Johnson

Artists Reception:
Thursday, January 6. 2011
4 pm to 7 pm

Four female artists featuring their portraits of women in oil, acrylic, mixed media and fiber.

*this piece is my contribution to the theme of the exhibit which I spoken of this fall on my blog. It has lots of activity and looks way cooler up close so check it out in January!!

Art in the Park Projects

I enlarged my 4 x 6 fabric postcards and changed the hairstyles to an inverted bob and a rocker "Kat Von D." style. I mounted the images on Fast2Fuse and eliminated batting. I decorative stitched with varigated thread to finish the outside edges. I have fabric paint and glitter as accents and they will be mounted in 8 x 10 picture frames for the upcoming local Art in the Park at Henes Park in Menominee, MI. The date is Sunday August 22, 2010 from 11-4. I will have fabric postcards, these pictures here and a few larger pieces. I am testing the art show waters with the help of my art friends Glenda Banta and Pam Sahlbom. They are encouraging me and also providing some of the displays to show off my art. When the four pieces are put together they have a Andy Warhol look to them!!