Whimsical Victory Rolls x Two

I love 40s hair especially victory rolls. I also love a Split Complementary Color Scheme of lime green, red and purple. These two ideas are on my favorite quilt "Victory Rolls" which is also my business card. 
I made these two 12" square quilts as auction quilts for two national charities-Studio Arts Quilt Associates and National Quilting Association. 
I used my original pattern Angelina, which I use in my Intro to Portrait Classes, and created a hairstyle with 1940s victory rolls. I used the leftover floral print from the original quilt for the dress fabric. The dress received a 1940s shoulder pad silhouette and a sweetheart neckline.
I did not use green skin because these are not for me and I thought they were more "auction-able" if they were traditional skin tones. I used the lime green in the binding.
 This hairstyle did not lead itself to an easy shape/silhouette like many of the others I have created that are in the pattern or the "bonus" hair my students receive when they take my class. I used a lighter purple fabric paint to add highlights to the pincurls and a dark purple paint for the insides of the curls to create depth. I accomplished this idea with the original quilt but with four values of fabric. These quilts were meant to be simpler so I painted the values which was fun and successful. 
I embellished with red rhinestones in the background, two colors of glitter nail polish on the eyes, red glitter nail polish on the mouth and a felt, wooden and plastic button for a flower hair accessory. I added a bit of cosmetic blush to the cheeks, chin and forehead for fun!

Time to mail them to their proper destinations!
Here is the original Victory Rolls Quilt which has won a few ribbons at quilt shows and was in the Sacred Threads Quilt Show in 2013 and their featured book "Sacred Threads Exhibition 2013."

Student's Work from my Portrait Quilts 101 Class in Oshkosh WI

I had the pleasure of teaching my Portrait Quilts 101 using my Angelina Pattern at the Fox Valley Tech. College's Sewing and Quilting Expo in Oshkosh WI last Friday March 14, 2014. I had 7 ladies in my class and 6 hours to teach them my techniques. The first photo is at the end of the day where they posed with their projects. All but one got to the quilting stage of the process. This was a fun group of women-they knew basic quilting information and could concentrate on the artistic process. As you can see the quilts all turned out a bit different!! They told me they are thrilled to see results and go home with a project nearly finished.

I am choosing to not add names to the descriptions so I will refer to each artist as "this woman." This woman stepped outside of my pattern pieces and added a fabric necklace and decorative clothing. She also enlarged the eyes and mouth. Very striking!!

This woman early in the class asked me if I had a pattern for eye glasses. I looked around the room and 6 out of 7 of the students and myself wear glasses. I said no I didn't but I would draw up an applique pattern. Then another woman, who was wearing awesome cat eyewear frames, asked me to draw her glasses also. So through the requests of students I have added glasses to my little portraits!!
This woman chose to do her project as a self portrait and added an asymmetrical blouse in which she will add a decorative button once the quilt is finished. Creativity!!

This woman followed my suggestion to use non-human skin tones and selected two awesome teal/green colors. Also blue hair and purple glasses. Very fun and the woman in the portrait looked like a beautiful reptile!!

This woman used one of my "bonus" hairstyles which I give to only people who take my class. She chose to NOT fuse the end of the ponytail and said she will create a 3D  pony when it is finished!

This woman started a bit unsure of her color scheme but when she pulled this great blue border fabric it all came together. I am so jealous of this fabric of figures of woman-no name on the selvage end to track it. It is subtle but works so well. A great use of primary colors and a triad color scheme!

 This woman selected fabrics that where more subdued and earthy. She felt her skin tone choices where a little too similar. Maybe but it's still lovely and she can quilt it in a darker thread and add "blush" to the cheek to add more color!
This woman also selected earthy colors. She went with a teal batik for the shoulder straps which seemed odd to me at first but the outer border pulled in the teal and it was very lovely and soothing to the eye!!

That's my Show and Tell!! This was such a rewarding time with a group of ladies that were an A+ in my opinion!! I hope they finish their quilts and, if so, I will post them on my blog!

Intro to Portrait Quilts: Long Hair

I made another sample for my Intro to Portrait Class this week since it's winter and that's what I do this time of year!! In my pattern I have 3 hairstyle choices-short spiky, layered bob and long wavy. I only made one long hair version so that's what was my motivation this time. I found the large gold/white/black floral that I forgot I had and pulled colors to coordinate with the floral. I chose white hair and a black background instead of the other way around and then went monochromatic for the shoulder straps, hazel irises and embellishments.

This lady ended up looking like a nymph or siren and I love her-you never really know what it will look like until it is fused to the background!

I embellished with two different gold sparkly nail polishes for the  hair enhancement, a orangey nail polish for the lips, a silk yellow flower, a gold button for the flower center (margarite daisy) and a sheer hologram-like gold leave bead for the hair accessory and gold and black rhinestones in the flower centers in the outside border.

The psychology of color was at work here because the yellows and golds helped me feel warmer during the cold spell in January.

I will be teaching this class in Oshkosh WI March 14-15, 2014 at the FVTC Sewing and Quilting Expo www.fvtc.edu/sewingexpo and at the Little Traverse Bay Quilt Guild, Petoskey, MI May 8 and 9, 2014

Portraits 101 Class at Wisconsin Quilt Expo

I am teaching a 3 hour Make and Take on my Intro to Portrait Quilts using my "Angelina" Pattern at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison WI on Sept. 7th from 1-4pm. The top photo is the original quilt that is on the cover of the pattern and on display at Pine Street Quilts in Marinette WI where I work.This class is a no sew class which means that the planning, cutting and fusing steps will take place and the students will finish at home. I mentioned that there is a pattern for the bob hairstyle plus a short spiky and a long wavy hairstyle option. So I used scraps, two skin tones, a brunette and a white haired example for the class samples for visualization. I added a few embellishments to the new quilts but not as much as the original. The idea was to help people who think they can not make a portrait quilt do so. I have designed the pattern to be simple with only three pieces for the face and neck, one piece for the hair and small pieces for the eyes, mouth and brows. The rest is drawn in using Pigma pens or Sharpies. The additional details come from the quilting and embellishing. I see this similar to the American Girl Dolls where you can customize to look like someone in particular or just have random fun!!I am humbled by the fact that there is already 18 people signed up for my class!!
This photo are the samples for the short spiky and the long wavy hairstyles. I used a busy border fabric in one piece and a calmer fabric in the other one to show variation. Also a dark inner border and a light inner border-see the difference? I like the dark border better because it sets off the portrait better.

The finished size is 18" x 18-" let me know if you are interested in a pattern because I can mail one or more to you. The pattern is $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

The website for the quilt expo which runs Sept. 6-8, 2012 is www.wiquiltexpo.com