SAQA Auction Piece and Postcard Entry

This is a fabric postcard I made for a postcard exhibit due in July. I embellished it with a new glitter I purchased at the IQA Chicago Show in April. My thread choice was a variegated yellow, orance, pink and red. I like to back the card with a light colored batik because it is opaque.
This 12' x 12" size quilt is my donation to the SAQA (Studio Art Quilting Association) 2010 Auction. The quilts are made and donated by its members and then auctioned to raise $$ for the organization. I call mine "Do I have pink or yellow undertones?" which is a cosmetology thing!! I used the same variegated thread as the postcard. I embellished it with tiny pink rhinestones along the lashline like eyeliner, a bit of pink glitter on the lips and a felt flower and jewel in the hair. This was a fun little project which I plan to explore when I do the Menominee MI Area Art Council's Art Show this August.

Seasonal Art Exhibit

The MAAC (Menominee Area Arts Council) Seasonal Art Exhibit has switched from winter to spring as of March 1st. The display is at the Menominee MI City Hall. I have my Dandelion Fairy quilt on display which is the photo on the left. On the right, I chose the photo of a lily, which was photographed by a area high school student, because spring reminds me of the upcoming flower season. The display is there until May 31st during business hours.