Venus Rising: A Celebration of Women in Art at Spies Library Gallery, Menominee, MI

A Celebration of Women in Art
Spies Library Gallery
940 1st Street
Menominee, MI 49858
January 4-31, 2011

Glenda Banta
Laurie Ceesay
Kathleen Eaton
Patricia Johnson

Artists Reception:
Thursday, January 6. 2011
4 pm to 7 pm

Four female artists featuring their portraits of women in oil, acrylic, mixed media and fiber.

*this piece is my contribution to the theme of the exhibit which I spoken of this fall on my blog. It has lots of activity and looks way cooler up close so check it out in January!!

Seasonal Art Exhibit

The MAAC (Menominee Area Arts Council) Seasonal Art Exhibit has switched from winter to spring as of March 1st. The display is at the Menominee MI City Hall. I have my Dandelion Fairy quilt on display which is the photo on the left. On the right, I chose the photo of a lily, which was photographed by a area high school student, because spring reminds me of the upcoming flower season. The display is there until May 31st during business hours.

I'm Having A Quilt Exhibit!!

I want to announce I am having an exhibit of many of my art quilts. The exhibit is in Menominee Mi, where I live, at the Spies Public Library Gallery, 940 1st Street, Menominee MI. My quilts will be on display from March 1-31, 2010. I am having an artist's reception in the gallery on Thursday March 4, 2010 from 4-6 pm. If you live near by or are in the area or want to sample my daughter Jordana's yummy munchies I would love to see you!! Jordana has freed up her work schedule and will be there from Green Bay to be my lovely assistant. When she was a "youngie" (she's in her 20's now!) she would always accompany me to quilt shops/shows and has witnesses the trasformation from traditional quilter to art quilter. She even took some crap when she was in high school, when she was hostessing at her part-time job, when this woman says "That girl's mother uses those BRIGHT fabrics. How could she!" I still laugh at my use of lime green and fuschia bothering this woman!! Anyway, Ken helped me hang the quilts and it was fun to see so many quilts on display at once.

Bras for a Cause/It Needs an Entry Title!!!

I first posted this subject with all the materials laying on a table together ready to put together. So, ta-da, it is finished. The rules stated the bra had to be covered both inside and out and also the straps. I received FREE fabric from Christey S. from Pizazz Salon in Menominee MI and it began with the piece of brown and pink fabric which I used on the back of the bra. Then I felt like using pink, my favorite color, not even thinking about the color for breast cancer research etc. I added ribbon, flower trim, sequin dangly trim on the bottom, felt/rhinestone flowers on the top of the cup area and a ribbon/tulle trim on the straps. I hand sewed the fabric to the bra and hot glued all the frou frou. I do not have to send it off until mid-January so I can enjoy it for a little while. I am donating it for a silent auction. I am having a brain drain with naming it-any possiblitities would be appreciated.
Thanks, lol

Sally Zimmer at Northwoods Quilters

Sally Zimmer on the Cedar River MI area was our guest speaker this morning for my local quilt group The Northwoods Quilters. We are from the Marinette WI/Meniminee MI area and we meet the 2nd Monday of each month. Sally had a ton of show and share. She seems to prefer batiks and has a love of nature quilts. She lives on the water in the woods and has a lot of quilts with bears, fish and birds. She had a large collection of quilted jackets and gave excellent advice on sewing jackets so they fit nice on the body and some construction tips. She was very inspriational. It is nice to have such talent right in our area. Thank you Sally!!