Fiesta Rosita: Should This Quilt Become a Pattern for Purchase?

I love sugar skulls and anything related to the Day of the Dead celebration which is celebrated in Mexico on November 1st. I made my first sugar skull portrait quilt in 2014 for a "Comin Up Roses" exhibit for the International Quilt Festival when they had a quilt show in Oregon. The last photo in this blog shows a glimpse of the original Rosita. I chose to have all her face painted images on the happy/friendly side not spider webs and scary motifs. I used hearts and flowers.

Fast forward to July 2017 and I sign up for a Facebook 9 block weekly posting of a sugar skull pattern designed by nine different quilters. I thought it sounded fun until I discovered that each pattern was on for $3.00. You may say that's not so much but multiply it by 9 patterns plus my time and my printer ink and I will probably have to purchase the patterns to complete the borders and sashings and now this has become an expensive one project download from Craftsy.

I decide to design my own sugar skull pattern. I based the sizing on my Whimsical Selfie pattern and simplified the sugar skull facial painted motifs. I still used black hair with a layered bob, white batik for the face and a tanned (for contrast) skin tone. I purchased small silk flowers for the crown of flowers in the hair. I used coordinating buttons in the center of each flower and went with a rainbow color scheme.

I selected bright prints for the shoulder straps and the inner and outer borders. I embellished with red glitter nail polish, loose turquoise glitter on the eye lid, black fabric markers to define the mouth, rhinestones on the face and some fun shiny turquoise disc-like things from the Dollar Tree nail department for the background. When the quilt was finished I hand tacked the sombrero-like pom poms to the bottom of the quilt.

Two of the women who designed the Craftsy sugar skull series are my Facebook quilter friends-will they be bad at me for doing this? Am I mad I wasn't included in their party-maybe a little and that's why I made this quilt!!

The question is: Should it become a pattern for sale? It is small at 18" square and not very difficult to make. Please give me your feedback. Thank you!!

My patterns are available for sale through my website!!

 This is my Line Drawing Portrait technique that was featured on Quilting Arts TV Season 1300 Episode 1303. The quilt in the second photo was also on the show. I decided to create a pattern for this technique and was also influenced by the Modern Quilt Movement. How can I "fit" portraits into the  modern movement? I saw lots of solid fabrics, chevrons, wavy lines paired with straight lines and I used my line drawing pattern and it took off. This pattern has all four versions in the directions. I have a new idea for a future pattern as well!!

Go to to link into my Store. I am eternally grateful to my web designer, Ann Bridges, of ABM Web Solutions, LLC, Appleton WI for adding my store page. I can quilt but I am not a web designer-sometimes we have to surrender some tasks to people who are professionals instead of trying to figure it out which takes away from the fun part of designing quilts and sewing!!I also added my upcoming teaching schedule to my website. Yeah to Ann!!
This is the gray version!

This is the wavy version!

This is the chevron version