Commissioned Artwork

I was approached by an area woman who say my artwork at the Old Church Gallery in Cedar River, MI where I display and sell my art. She e-mailed me and requested two fabric postcards, one was a gift and the other was for herself, in which she could choose the hair colors. I suggested she could choose different eye color as well. So the one is of warm brown hair with hazel eyes (I had to be careful not to have her look like a vampire in the "Twilight" movies!) and the other is a whitish blond with blue eyes. I embellished with fabric paint, nail polish, glitter glue and loose glitter and even a little blush on a Q-tip-it's a hairdresser thing!! It was  fun to change it up a bit and not do the normal purple, orange and yellow.

Two Flips and Two Inverted Bobs

I displayed two of the quilt tops of the funky women wall hangings last week. I used a variety of colors to hopefully appeal to the shoppers at The Old Church Gallery in Cedar River MI. I had fun with these small quilts and
have an idea for a hippie chick and a lady ga-ga fame monster!!

New Work for Art Gallery

I have explored this style before and am having fun with these smaller pieces (aprox. 15 x 18 ). I have had my work displayed for sale at the Old Church Gallery in Cedar River MI near Menominee where I live. I struggle with randomly making things that I hope people will purchase but I decided to stay smaller and have fun. I have four pieces in various gradations of colorful batiks. I have two hairstyles and my mind is spinning with other hairstyles like punker girl or retro flapper or afro disco chick!! I may use neutrals or pastels but I want to stay with the brights because that's what I gravitate towards. They are ready to quilt, bind and embellish. I like this technique because I like the contrast of straight and curved lines, contrast in color and the fun of the hairstyles choices.