Fall Quilt Season

No pictures this time. (Sorry!!) I have decided to enter in three regional nonjuried quilt shows. I chose Appleton WIs Darting Needles Quilt Show because I used to live there and my parents still are there and it's nostalgic.This show is Oct. 2-3 and has a fun name "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Quilting.Then I chose the Autumn Comforts Quilt Show by the Marquette Quilters in Marquette MI. It's a two hr. drive to Lake Superior but their group is very artsy and it's a fun show. Marquette has a wonderful quilt shop, Alley Kats, and a great public library which is at the same time sponsoring a traveling art quilt exhibit. This show is Oct. 16-17. And last is the Treasures of Tomorrow Quilt Show in Marshfield WI Which is Oct. 30-31. I have entered twice and last year my quilt received a 3rd place and some $$ so I thought maybe I had a decent shot at another ribbon. Marshfield is too far away to do a day trip but the other two shows I will attend. I am entering two quilts in the Marshfield and Marquette shows and three items in the Appleton show. Can't wait to see all the quilts and shop at the vendor booths!!

Love This Painting

I was in Marquette MI on Monday. I went to see the Michigan Quilt Art Invitational at the Peter White Public Library. I stumbled upon the Marquette Arts and Culture Center's exhibit in the library as well. I fell in love with this acrylic painting by artist Donna DeLoughary. I tried to find a website/blog for Donna but was unsuccessful. In my own work, my favorite sublect is the portrait and this painting just caught my attention. I love the bright colors and the contrast of the white background. I will continue to search out Donna because I want to tell her I love her painting

Meanwhile I checked out the MQAI exhibit. The theme was "Italy" and there were Tuscan, Venetian, Vatican, and italian cuisine quilts. The two photos are of my favorites.

The photos don't do them justice. The quilt on the left has amazing feather design machine quilting and fun sequins. The quilt on the right was embellished with all kinds of religious trinkets, symbols and crazy quilt embroidery. It was a fun day to enjoy some art whether it's an art quilt or a painting!!