Be Positive

 I have a co-worler at Pizazz Salon who loves snowmen and her birthday was Jan. 2nd. I used the Be Attittudes book by Art To Heart and made her a little quilt seen in the second photo.. It was fun to make because I love blues and reds together and I love words on quilts. Sherrie loved the gift!! As I was putting the book away I flipped through it to see what the other messages where that I hadn't used before I found "be positive" and thought how appropriate for Pizazz Salon. I am a believer in Universal Law/the Secret and the salon I work at has had a loss of a few staff and morale is a bit low. I like the size and shape of the lettering in the Art to Heart book and I combined my image from my Angelina pattern to make the quilt in the first photo. I changed the mouth to a smile (she kind of has a Disney character face!), used rainbow colors and thread painted a sun in the upper left corner and hearts on her cheeks. (Rainbows, sunny disposition, have a heart etc.) I used the 'fancy" flower stitch from my Viking Sapphire sewing machine to a few of the borders. Miss Pizazz has highlights and lowlights in her hair and a layered inverted bob and some bronze glitter eyeliner. I hung it in a visable high traffic area in the salon and my co-workers seem to like it and it may be a reminder to change our mood if needed.


This wall hanging started at quilt retreat. I picked some on my favorite fabrics and I like to work in reds and greens. I picked up the red with lime green dots this fall and just kept adding polka dot fabrics. I have one stripe and a tone on tone green that is a Kaffe fabric. It is not intended to be a Christmas quilt but more of a study of color complements and circular shapes. When the top was pieced I started playing around with two sheer fabrics as overlays. It was fun to use nontraditional quilt fabrics because it added transparency, shimmer and color changes. My quilting friend Mary Ann Provancher lent me her tool called "Cut a Round" which made circle cutting  the sheer fabrics very easy-I may have to buy my own tool. I then pulled out of the embellishment drawer the Angelina fibers to create more yet different circles. I purchased a product called Bo-Nash  Bonding Agent at the International Quilt Festival to bond the angelina to the quilt. I didn't think it really bonded the angelina to the fabric like they claimed. I ended up using fabric glue to re-enforce it. I added felt buttons which balanced the shimmery fabrics with texture and because I can't help myself-red and green rhinestones in 4-5 sizes!! I plan to hang it on the wall at work at Pizazz Salon in Menominee, MI.

NASCAR Baby Quilt

My co-worker, Brenda, at Pizazz Salon in Menominee, MI,where I work, is having a baby BOY in about 4-5 weeks. I was invited to her baby shower which was held yesterday afternoon. Brenda and her family are huge NASCAR fans and I thought I would make a NASCAR themed baby quilt. I googled nascar fabric and dicovered one could choose their favorite driver. I Facebooked Brenda's sister Jennifer and fould out Dale Jr. was the man. I have checkered flag and flamey exaust fabrics, a few NASCAR  style pieces from my quilter friend Cher A., black, red and greeen  fabrics from my stash and the Dale Jr. fabric I found on e-bay. I love the colors and giggled through the whole process since it didn't look like a baby quilt. I hope Brenda and "Larry" like it!!

Mucho Gratitude!!

I had the pleasure of teaching a design/drafting class to a group of women in Eagle River WI yesterday Monday May 17th. Their quilt guild, Cranberry Country Quilters, were kind enough to invite me to their small but eager group. The guild president, Joan, "J.P.", was very hospitable and lived in this awesome house on Bass Lake. It was fun to step into her studio and see ALL the things she was doing or planned to do. Her husband was a big Tina Turner fan and he liked my "Tina" quilt!! The weather was cooperative and sunny, Christey from Pizazz Salon where I work lent me her GPS (thanks again!!) and it was a blast!!

Bras for a Cause/It Needs an Entry Title!!!

I first posted this subject with all the materials laying on a table together ready to put together. So, ta-da, it is finished. The rules stated the bra had to be covered both inside and out and also the straps. I received FREE fabric from Christey S. from Pizazz Salon in Menominee MI and it began with the piece of brown and pink fabric which I used on the back of the bra. Then I felt like using pink, my favorite color, not even thinking about the color for breast cancer research etc. I added ribbon, flower trim, sequin dangly trim on the bottom, felt/rhinestone flowers on the top of the cup area and a ribbon/tulle trim on the straps. I hand sewed the fabric to the bra and hot glued all the frou frou. I do not have to send it off until mid-January so I can enjoy it for a little while. I am donating it for a silent auction. I am having a brain drain with naming it-any possiblitities would be appreciated.
Thanks, lol