Whimsical Victory Rolls x Two

I love 40s hair especially victory rolls. I also love a Split Complementary Color Scheme of lime green, red and purple. These two ideas are on my favorite quilt "Victory Rolls" which is also my business card. 
I made these two 12" square quilts as auction quilts for two national charities-Studio Arts Quilt Associates and National Quilting Association. 
I used my original pattern Angelina, which I use in my Intro to Portrait Classes, and created a hairstyle with 1940s victory rolls. I used the leftover floral print from the original quilt for the dress fabric. The dress received a 1940s shoulder pad silhouette and a sweetheart neckline.
I did not use green skin because these are not for me and I thought they were more "auction-able" if they were traditional skin tones. I used the lime green in the binding.
 This hairstyle did not lead itself to an easy shape/silhouette like many of the others I have created that are in the pattern or the "bonus" hair my students receive when they take my class. I used a lighter purple fabric paint to add highlights to the pincurls and a dark purple paint for the insides of the curls to create depth. I accomplished this idea with the original quilt but with four values of fabric. These quilts were meant to be simpler so I painted the values which was fun and successful. 
I embellished with red rhinestones in the background, two colors of glitter nail polish on the eyes, red glitter nail polish on the mouth and a felt, wooden and plastic button for a flower hair accessory. I added a bit of cosmetic blush to the cheeks, chin and forehead for fun!

Time to mail them to their proper destinations!
Here is the original Victory Rolls Quilt which has won a few ribbons at quilt shows and was in the Sacred Threads Quilt Show in 2013 and their featured book "Sacred Threads Exhibition 2013."

SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) 2014 Auction Piece

I have been a SAQA member for a few years and they do an art quilt auction beginning in September of each year to raise funds. They ask any of the members to donate an original art quilt piece 12" x12" and I created this piece I call "Human Harmony."
The deadline was extended from June 1st to June 15th and that gave me enough time to make something for the auction.
I started with the red batik with purple and gray gears. I felt like working with darker skin tones and blonde hair-as interesting combo but if it's good enough for RuPaul it's good enough for me!! I added the word harmony because I was being social/political in my mind while I was creating this and it spoke to be about human/racial harmony.
I embellished with two different yellow nail polishes for in the hair, one polish on the lips and another purple nail polish on the eyelids. I added rhinestones to simulate actual jewelry and a bit of white fabric paint on the eyes.
I'm glad they expended the deadline so I could commit to the SAQA auction project!

A Sunny Disposition

 I made this wall hanging for two reasons. One, Studio Arts Quilters Association was having a themed exhibit called Color Wheel of Emotions and, second, when I teach color I always talk about limiting the use of yellow in it's true hue because it will overpower other colors. So I was thinking if all the colors of the quilt were yellow then they would complement and not compete with each other. I have made this pattern three times before and love it so I used it again!! I have 25 VALUES of yellow and positioned them so the lighter ones are where the face applique will lay and the rest of the yellows fade to the darker shades toward the left side of the picture. I embellished the quilt with yellow and gold rhinestones in the background,  gold beads and a yellow felt button for the necklace, a silk flower in the hair, gold glitter on the lips and bead work on the cheek in the shape of a sun. I machine quilted sun motifs on the face as well. I am a sunlight person and I love certain songs with sun or sunny in the name. This quilt did not make the cut for the SAQA exhibit-there were over 260 entries and only 19 were chosen. I don't really care because I love my little sunshine quilt and I can also use it for my "Color Is Our Friend" class/lectures and for my design classes as an example of a monochromatic color scheme.
This photo is a close up of the face. I found this great batik for the hazel eye color-it looks like a real iris! The fabrics make me smile because they are so happy!! I chose to use brown as my applique color instead of my usual black because I thought it seemed softer than black but still provided contrast to the yellows.

Check Out The New Book-My Quilt Is On Page 107!!

As a member of Studio Art Quilting Association different opportunities are presented to us at all times. The woman who heads this organization, Martha Sielman, works with Lark Books and creates art books with themes. She chose "people and portraits" after doing books on landscapes etc. and she personally sent me an email to apply. I was flattered and entered 3 quilts (the maximum) and waited a very long time to recive any news about the book. Late fall I received notice that my Tina Turner quilt would be in the book and I was thrilled. It is due for release in April and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.
My quilt is on page 107 which is nice since 7 is my lucky number!! The photography is beautiful and the quality of the book is very nice. Hopefully you will check it out and/or purchase it.

SAQA "I'm Not Crazy" Exhibit Entry

Studio Art Quilters Association is having an exhibit titled "I'm Not Crazy" which explores mental health issues. I think the title  is offensive but whatever. It is the perspective or someone with mental illness, a caretaker or friend or family member of someone with mental illness. I have a very close friend who is Bipolar and is medicated to have balance in her life. This quilt is my interpretation of being bipolar-one minute she is happy, hyper bouncing off the wall and the next sad, depressed and angered. I used muted sad, dull colors to represent being depressed and, of course, the frustrated facial expression. I used bright colored fabrics with lots of chaos for the manic side's clothing, make up and jewelry. Her hair is out of control and her facial expression shouts "manic." I used lots of desciptive words on both sides of the personality in a subtle way in the background. I purposely went subtle because in society we don't want to talk about mental health issues and they are subtle and quiet  in our discussions. I found there is a two sided smiley face which symbolizes Bipolar Disorder and I added it to the quilt in the lower center of the quilt.
This photo is a closeup of the depressed personality.
And this is a photo of the manic personality. She's kind of "out there!" Her expression deminds me of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland!!
Cloeup of the Bipolar symbol and a few of the background words.
I embellished the manic side with hand made Sculpey clay beads, a beaded earring, rhinestones for pierced earrings, orange lame' in the hair to symbolize being wired, and some fabric paint. The intent was for excess and chaos in hair, make up, clothing and jewelry. The depressed side has a necklace made to buttons made from leather (pretty cool from a quilt show!), a few beads for the necklace and a rhinestone for the nose piercing. Both have a little fabric paint for details.

The exhibit aplication is online at SAQA's website the month of May and during the summer we find out if we made the cut then the selected quilts will travel for 2 years to the various Mancuso Quilt Shows.

This quilt is not meant to represent beauty but a social issue. I was thinking of entering it in the local community art show at my library which runs through the summer but I'm not sure if the social issue would offend people. I guess art can do that sometimes...

New Quilt: Step A and B

This a sneak peak of my new quilt. I found this great chartruse, purple and red large print called June Bugs by Timeless Treasures while visiting Winter Haven FL and knew I had to have it. I love the website Pinterest and found inspiration from some of the photos plus I am obsessed with 1940s hair especially victory rolls so combined all these things and I have a new idea for a quilt!! The top photo is the drawing for the quilt and the second photo is the same area with the applique pieces cut and fused to the background. So the woman has green skin, purple hair, a floral 40s style dress, a red background and I used the funky big print for the border. The woman ended up looking like Bette Midler or Lisa Maire Presley!! I am almost ready to start the quilting process and will show finished photos when it is done. It already has a name-"Victory Rolls"

I have completed my entry for the 2012 Hoffman Challenge, an entry for the Studio Arts Quilters Association's "I'm Not Crazy!" Exhibit, Quilting Arts Magazine "What's Your Signature Color?" Challenge but I can't show any images yet due to the fact I don't want anyone to copy my designs so I must wait for the deadlines of April, May and July.

I've been busy and today is internet/computer day so that's why I have posted three different posts on one day!! Take care and be creative!

SAQA 2012 Auction Piece and 4 x 6 Exchange 2

Studio Arts Quilt Associates (SAQA) has an art quilt auction every September to raise money for the organization. They encourage members to create and donate a 12" x 12" piece for the auction and this is the third year I have donated a mini art quilt. Above is my piece which I named "The Woman by the Beach." The quilts will be on display at SAQAs website www.saqa.com later this summer and there is an on-line auction.  I was able to find out the individuals who purchased my quilts and that was nice to receive an e-mail from them and thank them for choosing my quilt-it makes it more personal!!

I was still inspired by the soft blues, tans and yellows from the Florida mermaid quilt I made for my friend and went with them in this quilt. I modified my pattern to fit the required size. I pieced the background and raw edged fused appliqued the image of the woman to the background. I embellished with blue/turquise crystals for eyeliner. If I mailed it before the March 16th deadline  my quilt will be included in the SAQA exhibit that will be displayed at the IQA Quilt Show in Cincinnati OH.

On-line I discovered  through The Art House Coopertive an art exchange. It is called The 4 x 6 Exchange 2. All I had to do was enter for free, make any art piece sized 4 x  6 which would fit in a standard envelope, meet the March 31st deadline and mail it to the designated address. When they are all mailed the mini art pieces will be exchanged and I will receive one back in the mail. I will post this returned exchange piece when I receive it! I thought it was a nice coincidence that my fabric postcards were 4 x6 so I used my scraps from the SAQa auction piece and made this postcard. I embellished with fabric paint and a few rhinestones. I mailed it this week and it went to Brroklyn NY. Can't wait to see what I get!!

SAQA Auction Piece is Sold!!


This quilt sized 12 x 12 was my donation to the Studio Art Quilt Associates 2011 Auction. I call it "The Woman with Copper Hair."  I have been a member of this art quilt group for two yrs. + and thought it would be nice to donate a piece for their yearly auction which raises money for thier educational events. A lovely individual from Mountain View CA purchased my little lady and the woman with copper hair lives far from me in California.

The first part of the auction is done and Section 2 begins on Monday Sept. 19th. This is the website to access the auction-www.saqa.com

I would like to share my good news of me now being a PAM (Professional Artist Membership) which I had to apply for through the SAQA webiste. I did this in March and was not accepted. They didn't care for the borders on several of my quilts. I thought about what they said and I agreed and the majority of my new work has no borders. I reapplied in August with newer/borderless art quilts and I was accepted. This is a competitive thing for me that doesn't mean much to many outside of this group but I wanted it bad!!

Fundraiser Quilts

I made this quilt for the Studio Arts Quilt Artists
(SAQA) Benefit  Auction which begins in Sept. 2011. If you got your piece finished and mailed before March 15th then your piece received more publicity on their website and was part of the display at the IQA Quilt Show in Cinncinati OH. SAQA had the requirement of a square piece 10 x 10-12 x 12-I prefer to NOT make square quilts but rules are rules. I used raw edged fused applique and embellished with fabric paint, fabric markers, glitter/glue, nail polish on the lips and hair and a felt flower in the hair. It is called "The Woman With Copper Hair"

I made this quilt for the "Quilting is Art: 2011 Great TV Auction" for Milwaukee Public TV in Milwaukee WI. The participating quilts will be on display at the Greater Milwaukee Realtors Home and Garden Show March 25-April 3, 2011. I used raw edged fused applique' and embellished with fabric paint, rhinestones, glitter/glue on the eyelids and nail polish in the hair and on the lips. It is called "The Woman in the Blue Halter"

And last, this quilted wall hanging is my donation to the Twin Counties Free Clinic's fundraser on March 3, 2011 called "Taste of the Town." This clinic is in my community Menominee MI and the adjacent community, Marinette WI, and helps low income individuals receive medical care. This is a great organization and I have donated to this fundraiser before because it is supported only by donations. I did a strip pieced background and raw edged fused applique over it. I machine quilted it with a varigated thread in green, yellow and orange. It is called "The Layered Flip."

SAQA Auction Piece is Sold!!

I am a member of SAQA (Studio Arts Quilters Association) and they have an art quilt auction which raises money for art quilt exhibitions and outreach programs. They encouraged each member to make and donate a 12 x 12 art quilt of their liking to be auctioned off in September/October of 2010. The auction raised $52,000 and I found out my piece was purched by a woman in California; I am thrilled to have a complete stranger choose my art quilt and it's fun to know my piece is in sunny California!! I will definitely make a piece for the 2011 auction.

It's Been A Good Week!!!

It has been a good week for me and my art quilts!! This photo of me is from the opening reception in Escanaba, MI at the Bonifas Art Center. Today began a SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Associates) traveling show as well as Fabrications II: Art Quilts of the U.P. I have my Tina Turner quilt from the 2009 Quilting Arts Magazine "Rock On! Challenge in this exhibit. I have not displayed her locally yet and I won 3rd place in this exhibit!! Then earlier in the week I found out my "Geisha" art quilt has been accepted into the 2010 Hoffman Challenge. It will travel across the country to various quilt venues into the summer of 2011.   The websites for the Bonifas and the Hoffman Challenge are http://www.bonifasarts.org/ and http://www.hoffmanchallenge.com/.

SAQA Auction Piece and Postcard Entry

This is a fabric postcard I made for a postcard exhibit due in July. I embellished it with a new glitter I purchased at the IQA Chicago Show in April. My thread choice was a variegated yellow, orance, pink and red. I like to back the card with a light colored batik because it is opaque.
This 12' x 12" size quilt is my donation to the SAQA (Studio Art Quilting Association) 2010 Auction. The quilts are made and donated by its members and then auctioned to raise $$ for the organization. I call mine "Do I have pink or yellow undertones?" which is a cosmetology thing!! I used the same variegated thread as the postcard. I embellished it with tiny pink rhinestones along the lashline like eyeliner, a bit of pink glitter on the lips and a felt flower and jewel in the hair. This was a fun little project which I plan to explore when I do the Menominee MI Area Art Council's Art Show this August.

Should Quilts Be in Museums??

As I turn toward art quilts ,and away from traditional quilts, my thoughts lean toward artsy things. I want quilts in museums and art galleries!! They have categories when there is a call for artists called "fiber art". Isn't a quilt fiber? I think quilts can no longer be considered blankets that just keep us warm. I have had people assume if I was a quiltmaker then I made blankets. After doing show and tell at the local quilt guild, and displaying a wall hanging with lots of embellishments, a member asked me how I planned to wash it. I explained to her it was to hang on the wall like a piece of art and wouldn't need laundering. I have been entering a few of my art quilts in area art shows and exhibits. I want to share art quilts with everyone-especially those who would never see them at a traditional quilt show. I hope to show that art quilts are justified as art and belong in the galleries and museums along with the oils, acrylics, metals and sculptures. On a side note, I was reading in the SAQA Summer '09 magazine about should quilters study art? Some art quilters come from an art background, say as a painter, and have studied these things. And some art quilters start as traditional quilters where they have relied on the quilt store to choose their next project (kits). To learn the principles of design is important in all aspects of design be it quilting, gardening, decorating or fashion design. So yes, study the arts--it can only move you to a higher understanding of why your art quilts are improving and are more pleasing to the eye!!! Maybe your next masterpiece will win a ribbon at the national quilt shows!!