Art Quilts Around the World: Flight of Fancy

This quilt was made for my Facebook group Art Quilts Around The Qorld. This two month challenge was called "Flight of Fancy" and I was inspired by the various birds that flock to the birdfeeder outside of my sewing studio window. I particularly love cardinals because of their color and striking color contrast to the winter snow.
I couldn't resist making this a portrait quilt as well as fitting this challenge into another challenge I needed to have completed by December 8, 2014. That challenge was an embellishment challenge for my local quilt guild Northwoods Quilters. This challenge required a button, which was given to all participants, a fabric yo-yo and any other embellishment we wanted to use. I am not a yo-yo type of person but it was a challenge so I went for it!!
I chose to keep the portrait part of the project in a monochromatic blue to represent the cold weather and blue is a color that recedes into the background. The red cardinal then becomes the focal point because red is a stand out color.
The yo-yo was created from a piece of awesome hand dyed velvet which indirectly became the girl's hat "flower" with a button for the flower center. The button I was assigned was a unfinished wood button which I painted light blue and glittered which became the girl's coat button, No other embellishments were added to the girl except the white fabric paint reflection in her eye.

The cardinal was raw edged fused appliqued and it still needed some zing so I cut six feathers from a red batik and double fused them together to make three feathers. I stitched down the center and cut ruffly feathers with my shears. I then machine stitched them to the cardinal along the same stitching line with the same thread color. After the feathers were stitched down I fluffed them up to get them more of a 3D appearance.
The cardinal got a bit of red glitter nail polish on it's body and white fabric paint for the eye. Any more embellishments seemed unnecessary.
The local embellishment challenge will be on display with the other guild member's quilts in January 2015 at Spies Public Library in Menominee, MI. I can't wait to see the results as well as the online results from the original challenge at Today is the day for the reveal.
I feel it is a nice representation of a fancy bird NOT in flight!!

Crayon Challenge Quilt

My local quilt guild is having a crayon challenge which is due at the December 9th meeting. Any one who wanted to participate randomly selected a crayon. The rules were simple-no larger than 24" in diameter, no judging, ANY amount of the crayon color and it could also be a garment or non-quilt item such as a purse or tote. It way a very free and open challenge!!
I chose cerulean blue as my crayon color and I made this small (14' x 14.75") wall hanging. I have used the blue in the woman's eyes, jewelry and in the dots in the batik background. I also bound the quilt with the color but my photo accidently cut off the top binding and I was too lazy to retake the photo so this is what you get for an image of this quilt!!
Speaking of jewelry, I save my Mom and Grandma's jewelry from the 1950s and 1960s and this necklace seemed to work for this quilt. I bend it a bit narrower to fit and then hand tacked it to the quilt. The earring is a glued on rhinestone.
Other embellishments was some orange glitter for the hair, I used some of my blush from my make up case to give the woman a little color to her cheek and some white fabric paint to detail the eyes
I love the study of value in this quilt-I'm actually obsessed with color and value and I love the high contrast of the pale skin and the background value.
I used my usual raw edged fused applique technique to create the image of the woman and machine quilted and secured the applique to the background

This is a close up of the face. The quilts will be on display at Spies Public Library Gallery, Menominee MI from January 2-Mid February. This is free to the public during normal library hours. c heck out the awesome crayon quilt challenges if you are in Menominee MI!

Michigan Quilt Artist Invitatonal at Spies Library in Menominee MI

The 2011-2012 Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational themed "Art of the Kitchen" has traveled through Lower Michigan since Sept. 2011 and now my city, Menominee, has this awesome exhibit this April and May 2012 at Spies Public Library Gallery during normal library hours.  The exhibit is free to the public.There are 48 art quilts sized 20" x 24" either vertical or horizontal and I have photographed a few of my favorites. The first one is fun because it reminds me of Andy Warhol and pop art from the 1960s and 1970s.

This piece by Mary Andrews, one of the two creators and curators of MQAI, is awesome because I love rick rack, aprons and it reminds me of June Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver!"

This quilt by Robbie Payne is great because she has mastered beading and there are LOTS of tiny sead beads in this piece!!

 I love this quilt because of the colors, the detailed appliques and the leaves protruding beyond the edges of the quilt. It is inspired by a kitchen wallpaper border.
This quilt is fun to me because it reminds me of a 1960s kitchen ! Love the colors and the background fabrics!!

This quilt is a seven layer salad and it puts a smile on my face because the artist used green pom poms for the peas and there are individual pieces of "cheese" scattered around the quilt. Very creative!!

And last I have included my piece because I had so much fun making it and exploring the difference between 1940s and 1950s kitchen appliances, fashions, hair etc. I love pin up girls and liked the '50s pastels with the black/white accents.

All the art quilts are very creative and amasing how 48 artists can interpret a theme in such a diverse way. check it out if you are in the area!!

South of the Border Exhibit at Spies Library

Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational 2010 themed "South of the Border" is on display at Spies Public Library Gallery, Menominee MI currently until Friday December 30, 2011 during library hours. This is a group of art quilters from both Upper and Lower Michigan that create a 20" x 24" themed wall hanging of their choice and the exhibit travels throughout the state and is free of charge to view.This years theme is "South of the Border" and of the 30 quilts displayed I am teasing you with 7 of the beautiful quilts. The warm tropical flavor of the exhibit is just in time for the midwest cold weather approaching!! Check it out if you are able. As a quilter I am amazed by the wonderful techniques especially the outer edges and bindings or lack of a binding!!This blue and white quilt has such awesome contrast
 and the tile wall looks so real!!
 What can I say-this quilt has all the colors of Mexico and South America!!
 This piece got my attention because it wasn't bright and it created a calmness in me when I viewed it!!
 This quilt has my favorite-circles in it and I love the fabric fringy lower edge!! What a great idea!!
 This chihauhau quilt is called "Border Patrol" and has me laughing since I love the movie "Beverly Hills Chihauhau" and thought of the talking chihauhaus!!
 This blue and orange wall hanging is by my blog friend Robbie Payne and needs to be seen up close since her detail work is mind blowing. You rock Robbie!!
This piece has lots of chenille which gives oodles of texture and very colorful!!

I hope you are teased and tempted and have the chance to see this colorful, happy and creative art quilt exhibit!!

Menominee Mermaid

I have been collecting these great blues, greens, teal and turquise fabrics to make a wall hanging and then I decided to do a mermaid quilt. I started with wanting her to sit on a rock but then should I do a realistic mermaid or a "line drawing" mermaid with the pretty fabrics showing through?? I went with the second choice. The size of this piece is 22.5 x 25 which made the face too little for any applique except the mouth. I drew and painted the face to complete it. I cut 25 different 5" squares in blues, greens, teals and turquiose and added the bottom row of browns to get a rectangle and to have more of a "rock" color going on w/o deviating from my original color theme. My co-worker Sherrie at Pizazz Salon, where I work, said "don't you ever do a lighthouse in your quilts?" I then make a Mr. Yucky face since that motif is everywhere in Menominee because we have a lighthouse on the Bay of Lake Michigan. But I needed something in the upper left corner and thought that would be funny and I had to go no further than the cover of the local phone book to figure out how to draw a lighthouse!! Miss Mermaid is embellished with a blue starfish in her hair which also has strands of blue gliiter. Her face is painted with nail polish, Smooch paint and fabric paint. There are beads randomly sewn and I made fish buttons out of Sculpy clay and painted them with teal nail polish. Every summer at Spies Public Library in Menominee there is an art exhibit for any local artist to display their work. I will be putting this piece in the show and will not be doing Show and Share at Northwoods Quilters first because of the timing. The exhibit will be on display until the end of August.

Here is a close of Menominee Mermaid's face and hair.

Venus Rising: A Celebration of Women in Art at Spies Library Gallery, Menominee, MI

A Celebration of Women in Art
Spies Library Gallery
940 1st Street
Menominee, MI 49858
January 4-31, 2011

Glenda Banta
Laurie Ceesay
Kathleen Eaton
Patricia Johnson

Artists Reception:
Thursday, January 6. 2011
4 pm to 7 pm

Four female artists featuring their portraits of women in oil, acrylic, mixed media and fiber.

*this piece is my contribution to the theme of the exhibit which I spoken of this fall on my blog. It has lots of activity and looks way cooler up close so check it out in January!!

Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational

The photos I have added today are of the Art of Nature traveling art quilt exhibit created by the Michigan Quilt Art Invitational. This is a group of Michigan fiber artists formed by Mary Andrews and Marti Calhoun 15 years ago. There are 60 quilts in the exhibit all sized 20" x 24" either vertically or horizontally. The artists are juried into the group based on their body of artwork. Each year a theme is chosen such as Italy, space travel/astronomy, south of the border and this exhibits theme of nature. The exhibit travels across the state of Michigan and I wanted it in Upper Michigan besides Marquette since I feel we are occationally overlooked as being part of Michigan! This exhibit, of about 30 pieces, is in Menominee, MI, where I live, at Spies Public Library Gallery. The exhibit is on display until December 30, 2010. If you are in the area check it out during normal library hours and there is no fee to view the display. For more information on Michigan Quilt Art Invitationl go to

Venus Rising

This quilt has a long story to tell so gets begin. I was at the Menominee, MI public library to check on the gallery area for another exhibit and I was told there was open gallery space for Jan., Feb. and April of '11. I thought that it would be a shame to leave it empty so I mentioned this to my art friend Glenda Banta and was brainstormed and with two other local artists, Kathleen Eaton and Pat Johnson, we plan to do an art exhibit of women by women for the month of January 2011 at the Spies Public Library in Menominee. (More on that to come). Then me quilter friend, Mary Ann Provancher, lent me this great quilting book from a class she took from Ricky Timms while in Florida. I have done several of his "convergence" quilts but never saw it on point. So the combination of naming our January exhibit "Venue Rising" and the new convergence technique a fresh idea was born. I wanted Venus to rise up out of something besides the traditional water and I thought of her rising out of addition. I thought of alcohol, gambling, smoking and food additions and thought if I could find enough printed images of these subjects, I could fussy cut and fuse them around the base of Venus. I was very fortunate to have another quilter friend, Cher Alexander, who has an arsenal of "theme" fabrics and contributed about 80% to my cause. I nixed the smoking addiction for this quilt because there were no fabrics available which is actually good and I probably wouldn't have had room. As the eye travels upward "out of addiction" there are images of change like better foods, spirituality, happiness etc. I thread painted words of encouragement in the "sky" area like recovery, peace, love, karma, wholeness, grace etc. I should mention the Venus figure is raw edge fused appliqued over the convergence top and the images of good and bad stuff is fused in a collage type quilt. It is supposed to be chaotic and crazy on the bottom and open and serene as Venus "rises" out of her addictions. I had a piece of Luella Doss' Free Spirit line of fabric called "Hot Flash" which I used at the bottom to add the lettering to. It is a very fun and colorful fabric and the circles of the border print could be seen at bubbles from a beer or champagne or hard candy. I didn't embellish this piece because it had enough going on. It was a fun project with a social issue which is not my usual style. I was thinking of donating it to a place were there is a recovery program etc., after the library exhibit, but am not sure where that would be since it covers more than one addiction.

My Artists Reception

I had my artists reception yesterday in the gallery in my local public library. This is a photo of Jordana, my daughter, and myself at the exhibit. She is the food goddess because I could have never pulled off the wonderful food she created. It's not just the food but the platters and display (art of food!!) that makes it. Jordana used pieces from my fabric collection, in my favorite color pink, to decorate the table. She even add hints of pink and red in the food!! I had a variety of people from my local quilt guild, my co-workers at Pine St. Quilts, Pizazz Salon customers, even a couple from my church! It was nice to have people see my work that I have never met. It was fun, I loved chatting with everyone and Cheryl Hoffman from Spies Library was amazing in her hospitality!!

I'm Having A Quilt Exhibit!!

I want to announce I am having an exhibit of many of my art quilts. The exhibit is in Menominee Mi, where I live, at the Spies Public Library Gallery, 940 1st Street, Menominee MI. My quilts will be on display from March 1-31, 2010. I am having an artist's reception in the gallery on Thursday March 4, 2010 from 4-6 pm. If you live near by or are in the area or want to sample my daughter Jordana's yummy munchies I would love to see you!! Jordana has freed up her work schedule and will be there from Green Bay to be my lovely assistant. When she was a "youngie" (she's in her 20's now!) she would always accompany me to quilt shops/shows and has witnesses the trasformation from traditional quilter to art quilter. She even took some crap when she was in high school, when she was hostessing at her part-time job, when this woman says "That girl's mother uses those BRIGHT fabrics. How could she!" I still laugh at my use of lime green and fuschia bothering this woman!! Anyway, Ken helped me hang the quilts and it was fun to see so many quilts on display at once.