Back to Sewing!!

My entrepreneur class ended last Monday and the last thing I needed to do was complete my business plan. This was detailed, time consuming and parts were quite difficult. But I finished it on Saturday since the weather has been yucky and I have not felt this relieved in a long time. So it's time to get back in the sewing room because I missed it a lot!! I want to do a modernized funky Statue of Liberty for 2 reasons. One, my daughter, Jordana, loves her-she said she was going to grow up to be the Statue of Liberty. I hinted that her arm would get kind of sore holding the torch up all the time!! Second I like blues, reds, stars and stripes. I plan to do the same technique as my Menominee Mermaid and have cut 30 6" squares which you see in the photo. I have some fun 1940s pin up girl fabric from Cher Alexander which will be on the corners (I think). The raw edged fused applique will be in a dark blue batik.I next step is to draw the Statue of Liberty and make my applique pieces then piece the squares, fuse and quilt with red, white and bule varigated thread. I have some fun star embellishments and plan to have it done to put it up in my house for the 4th of July.

Why I Have NOt Been In the Studio

I have not been in my studio as much because I am taking an 8 week course in Green Bay (WI) on entrepreneurialship. I want to have a small business related to my art quilts and want to do it the RIGHT way. This photo is the cover of my text book. I am enrolled at Urban Hope Entrepreneurial Center in Green Bay and having a blast-my head explodes after each 3 hr. class from all the info I am learning. There are guest speakers from the community explaining how to write a mission statement, the legal and tax part of a small business etc. and my favorite part is marketin! so I am new to LinkedIn. I have purchased Print Shop to help me create my quilt patterns more efficiently and cost effective. My local friend, Glenda, has been kind enough to give me a 2 hr. lesson on how to do Print Shop- so now I have another obsession!! I have my 2011 Hoffman Challenge quilt finished and my Michigan Art Quilt Invitational piece finished but can't post until July went it gets closer to the mailing date because I want it to be confidential. And I've been tickering with a mixed media project which has been shelved because I had an a-ah moment that I love to sew my projects not attach fiber etc. to a canvas!! So I hug my sewing machine daily and show gratitude toward it as my favorite sewing tool!! Take care and I want to make a mermaid next!!