New Quilt: Step A and B

This a sneak peak of my new quilt. I found this great chartruse, purple and red large print called June Bugs by Timeless Treasures while visiting Winter Haven FL and knew I had to have it. I love the website Pinterest and found inspiration from some of the photos plus I am obsessed with 1940s hair especially victory rolls so combined all these things and I have a new idea for a quilt!! The top photo is the drawing for the quilt and the second photo is the same area with the applique pieces cut and fused to the background. So the woman has green skin, purple hair, a floral 40s style dress, a red background and I used the funky big print for the border. The woman ended up looking like Bette Midler or Lisa Maire Presley!! I am almost ready to start the quilting process and will show finished photos when it is done. It already has a name-"Victory Rolls"

I have completed my entry for the 2012 Hoffman Challenge, an entry for the Studio Arts Quilters Association's "I'm Not Crazy!" Exhibit, Quilting Arts Magazine "What's Your Signature Color?" Challenge but I can't show any images yet due to the fact I don't want anyone to copy my designs so I must wait for the deadlines of April, May and July.

I've been busy and today is internet/computer day so that's why I have posted three different posts on one day!! Take care and be creative!

Tale of Two Mermaids

 These two quilts began with the bright version on the left. It is a smaller replica of a mermaid quilt I made last summer for myself. Is basically the same minus a bottom row of blocks and I eliminated the lighthouse and plants. I call it "Lake Michigan Mermaid." My intention was to enter it in an exhibit in Milwaukee this spring but I don't think they are doing the exhibit in 2012 so I will try to sell it at a vendor show this summer, The brown muted mermaid is a gift to my friend Jan who invited me to her Florida home recently and I call this quilt "Winter Haven Mermaid" since the area is abundant in lakes. Would the alligators eat a mermaid??!! I was inspired by Jan's decorating using soft blues, yellows and the sand/tan tones. I used a medium brown to do the raw edged fused applique keeping in mind to have enough contrast to be able to see it but not too dark to veer away from the soft muted tones.
This is the close up of  Miss Lake Michigan and ever though I am using the same technique her face looks different from the first mermaid quilt I did and she looks like Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing With The Stars!! I enbellished with rhinestones, beads, buttons, Sculpy Clay fish buttons, fabric paint, glitter and nail polish.

Miss Winter Haven has embellishments of sea shells, since Jan had lots of shells as part of her Florida decor, a small amount of glitter from nail polish, fabric paint and rhinestones. I didn't go crazy with the bling because it seemed more calm/serene without it.

I like them both but the choice of bright or muted fabrics definitely chances the emotion of the quilt. Do you prefer one mermaid over the other??