Wisconsin Quilt Expo's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge

The Wisconsin Quilt Expo people, who provide an awesome quilt show the weekend after Labor Day, is asking quilters to create a mini modern quilt for a challenge and they will offer awards. The required size is 24" x 24" or smaller and no other rules. Just a deadline of Tuesday May 23, 2017 which wasn't a lot of time so I had to hustle to get it done!!

I had explored hair silhouettes in the past but worked with eight hairstyles and could only use 6 to get them to fit in the size restrictions. I wanted to stay true to my love of portrait quilts and my salute to hair styles. I selected a 1940s bumper bangs style, a 50s Barbie doll-like ponytail, a 1960s updo, a 70s Afro, a 80s short spiky style and a 90s curly high ponytail. I used a solid piece of black fabric and determined the 60 degree lines (6 sections and six silhouettes.) I then echo stitched in lime green, yellow orange, red orange, pink, blue violet and turquoise the six sections. I selected the six hair silhouette colors because of my obsession of the color wheel and my love of color order on the color wheel. After the quilting was complete I fused the silhouettes to the quilt and stitched them done. Because this is a "modern" quilt I did not add embellishments since modern to me means minimalistic.

The quilt is 24" square and went together pretty fast and I submitted it to the contest online. Follow at #ModernMIniQuiltChallenge

Adult Coloring Book Inspired Quilts: Lecture at Wisconsin Quilt Expo Sept. 10, 2016

 I am a huge fan of adult coloring books and it is National Adult Coloring Book Day! I was a huge fan of coloring books/crayons/colored pencils as a child. Nothing has changed because I still love all these things and anything artsy craftsy! When adult coloring books came on the scene a few years ago I noticed a correlation to my Line Drawing Style quilts. I have put together a lecture about how adult coloring books inspired quilt designs. I will be lecturing on this subject at the WI Quilt Expo on Saturday Sept. 10, 2016 at 8:30am. www.wiquiltexpo.com Early bird special!! 
 The photos in this blog post show how I selected a simple page from the coloring book "Coloring Creative Characters" edited by Tonia Jenny and Barbara Delaney from Book World and processed through to a quilt design. This is a teaser for the lecture so I'm not sharing too much today-see you in Madison!
I enlarged the page and assigned colors to my liking. In the top photo I made a small wall hanging in the Line Drawing style I typically work in.
In this photo I decided to add a border and used a fun geometric print from my stash. I pulled 6 batiks to coordinate with the border print and cut them into various widths and strip pieced them and ran this vertically as the background of the quilt. I used the exact applique as in the first project. It's cool how with the same motif but different backgrounds the finished quilts are so different! While working on these quilts I found more and more ideas which I will share in my lecture. I chose to demo a face motif but I will have other motifs in this lecture as well for people who aren't into faces like me. This idea is very inspiring and my brain is exploding from all the potential!!

Spider/Spider Web Fabric Postcards

I go in streaks where I want to make fabric postcards and now is one of those times. I chose my line drawing fabric postcard pattern included in my Bridgette pattern and 5 Halloween colored fabrics to begin this project. I selected the fabrics in Halloween colors and not necessarily Halloween themed fabrics. Five fabrics in a variety of widths work nicely and the varied widths give a random look. Any fabric combinations will work-I chose Halloween this time and make 4-6 cards at a time. I cut them out on the diagonal to give movement and to accent a cheekbone line. I have two sides of the face in my designs and I like to place them together and they look like mirror images. I used black batik for the raw edged applique and black thread with a fancy stitch to join the top, bottom and Peltex stiffener. I usually use Fast2Fuse stiffener by Pellon but I could not find it online and I substituted Peltex and it actually worked nicer because it was heavier (less floppy.) I found the spiders at Joann Fabrics-they are not buttons but are flat on the back to glue to the front of the card. I created a spider web from variegated thread in the lower corner. I embellished with glitter nail polish on the eyelids and a dot of white matte fabric paint on the eye for the eye reflection. I intend to give two of these as door prizes in my "I Value That Quilt!" lecture I am giving twice at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison, WI on Friday Sept. 11, 2015. My pattern is available for sale from my website at www.laurieceesay.com. Maybe I will see you at the expo since it is a blast!! Their website is www.wiquiltexpo.com

My Upcoming Teaching Opportunities

I will be teaching at University of Wisconsin-Platteville's 2012 Sewing and Quilting Expo which runs Friday and Saturday Aug. 3 and 4, 2012. I will be teaching "Color is Our Friend!" and "Embellishments 101" and lecturing on "Elements and Principles of Design for Quilters." I am not sure of the exact times of my clases but their website is www.uwplatt.edu/cont_ed and they have a Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/UW-Platteville:Sewing-and-Quilting-Expo. which has the most recent info.
And I will be lecturing on Thursday Sept. 6, 2012 and Saturday Sept. 8, 2012 at Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison WI. I will be doing my "Elements and Principles of Design for Quilters" lecture at 1 pm each of these days. The quilt show brochure will be available this summer. Their website is www.wiquiltexpo.com for more info.

I hope to meet some of my internet quilting friends at either of these venues if at all possible!

Wisconsin Quilt Expo

I just returned from the regional quilt show in Madison WI. It is sponsored by Nancys Notions and Wisconsin Public Television. I entered a quilt for the first time after attending it the last two yrs. Iwas thrilled to have been juried into this show and not at all sad/mad I did not receive a ribbon. As my quilting friend, Jeanne P. from Kaukauna WI, calls the judging a "crap shoot". This is a great philosphy to take or you would made yourself crazy. I used a pattern from a book called "StrataVarious Quilts" for the background. I used 48 rainbow colored batiks. They are strip pieced and then cut into squares on point in various sizes and sewn back together. Then I drew a picture of the woman and raw edge fused appliqued it to the quilt. I went crazy with embellishing from beads to an electrical cord to felt to tulle. This quilt wil be exhibited at the AQS IOWA Show late October.