Should Quilts Be in Museums??

As I turn toward art quilts ,and away from traditional quilts, my thoughts lean toward artsy things. I want quilts in museums and art galleries!! They have categories when there is a call for artists called "fiber art". Isn't a quilt fiber? I think quilts can no longer be considered blankets that just keep us warm. I have had people assume if I was a quiltmaker then I made blankets. After doing show and tell at the local quilt guild, and displaying a wall hanging with lots of embellishments, a member asked me how I planned to wash it. I explained to her it was to hang on the wall like a piece of art and wouldn't need laundering. I have been entering a few of my art quilts in area art shows and exhibits. I want to share art quilts with everyone-especially those who would never see them at a traditional quilt show. I hope to show that art quilts are justified as art and belong in the galleries and museums along with the oils, acrylics, metals and sculptures. On a side note, I was reading in the SAQA Summer '09 magazine about should quilters study art? Some art quilters come from an art background, say as a painter, and have studied these things. And some art quilters start as traditional quilters where they have relied on the quilt store to choose their next project (kits). To learn the principles of design is important in all aspects of design be it quilting, gardening, decorating or fashion design. So yes, study the arts--it can only move you to a higher understanding of why your art quilts are improving and are more pleasing to the eye!!! Maybe your next masterpiece will win a ribbon at the national quilt shows!!

Hi Everyone!!!
I finally did it and created a blog!!!!!!!! I am a contemporary quilter and am exploring the internet as a way of marketing my artwork, showing the process I use to develop/create my quilts, and spir interest in quilt guilds, shops and shows to invite me to teach and/or lecture about my quilts, art, fashion, color theory and karma. I have a degree in Clothing, Textiles and Design and have been a hairdresser in Wisconsin for 2o yrs. and for 2 yrs. in Menominee MI where I currently live. Being a hairdresser inspires my interest in hairstyles, fashion, make up. I love retro prints and fasihon, flowers and fairies!
The photo is of my latest quilt. I call it "1974" because I planned to do a quilt with a '70's theme, awarm colors and a female image. of a black woman. I was working on the quilt around the same time I attended my 35th Class Reunion hence the name of the quilt. It is an original design using a raw edged fused applique technique for the woman's image. I drew a large foundation paper piece to create the sunburst background. I embellished the quilt with yarn, paint, glitter, rhinestones, beads and sequins. It is machine quilted on my Viking Sapphire sewing machine which I hug daily!!
With my blog I want to show the steps I take to ge to the finished quilt. I am starting a new quilt and will show some photos soon. Peace Love and Art!!!!