Earth Mother

This Quilt called "Earth Mother" is the quilt I made for my local quilt guild, Northwoods Quilters, quilt challenge. There were three challenge fabrics-the gold crackle I have in the background, the small print with the cream background, which I also have in the background, and the dark green batik which I used for my applique. I stared at these fabrics through the summer of last year and made a Mr. Yucky face since all I could see was the green/gold of the Green Bay Packers. I love the Packers but already have a football themed quilt. Then in the fall of 2010 I found a new line of fabric at Quilters Haven in Menominee, MI where I live. It seemed to go with the challenge fabric because it had fun florals in various scales and an interesting stripe. I  had a renewed interest in this project!! I decided to go with a mother nature style figure as my raw edged fused applique. I have normally used black or dark brown for the applique but I figured why couldn't I use the nice rich green batik. The pattern I used for the woman's face was one I adapted from another pattern I had made-I changed the pattern by giving this woman long hair, a dress, a necklace and leaves in her hair. I began with a Ricky Timms Comvergence style pieced background using two of the challenge fabrics. I prefer to off center the figure because it is more aestetically appealing. I embellishished with silk flowers and leaves, leaf shaped buttons, rhinestones, a wooden button and  felt flowers with glitter. I had a blast with this project and feel it is "earthy" with the greens and browns and it has a calming affect on me. I won 2nd place in the local guild judging of the challenge quilts and all of these quilts will be included in our upcoming quilt show April 30-May 1, 2011 at St, Thomas Aquinas High School, Marinette, WI

Second Place Ribbon in Marquette

My quilt "Hera and Aphrodite" won 2nd Place in the Marquette MI "Autumn Comforts" Quilt Show held on Oct. 16-17, 2010. I placed the quilt in the Original Design/Art Quilt category which ended up with 17 quilts. This guild has many awesome art quilters and I thought my chances were slim for a ribbon. This quilt technique was a new one with a mosaic style of applique placement. I was exploring the "golden ratio" of facial proportion when I designed this piece. I selected cool tones for the skin and warm tones for the hair. I went out of the box and chose a white background instead of my normal black with brights. All the applique is done with batiks. The background figure is all thread painted with rainbow varigated thread and some white shimmer paint. It was a study of contrasts in female strength vs soft and upon completion of this quilt my boyfriend, Ken, declared it wasn't my normal stuff and he really didn't "get it or liked it". He even asked me to remove it from the wall in our living room because it was staring at him. He now says he likes the quilt because a quilt judge found something artsy in it to give it a quilt ribbon. The Marquette Guild also made very fun and colorful ribbons with streamers of colorful yarn which was creative and decorative !!

Beauty School Flashback

This is my latest finished project. I found a cool picture in a salon magazine of a mohawk hairstyle and thought about a girl I went to beauty school with back in the late 1980s who had a fakey jet black mohawk and that's where I got the title for this quilt. After the face was finished, I think she looks like Christina Aguilara (spelling?). I am intending it for an undisclosed contest and was limited to certain fabrics. I have selected commercial cottons and two fabrics from the Halloween costume section. The black/red background print is a weird knit which I backed with interfacing to stablize it. I used the reverse side which was solid red for the bikini top and the lips. The little jacket is a black with red sparkly tulle used for fairy/princess costumes. I created seam allowances and added a decorative stitch to the jacket front and sleeve edges like a real garment might have. The hair has two textures of yarn which I hand stitched to the quilt. All the applique is raw edge fused. I have embellishments of rhinestones, glitter, 3 colors of nail polish, an earring from Claires Boutique at the mall and the yarns in the hair. This was a fun project from start to finish with no glitches. I contemplated a tattoe on the arm of the woman but left it off because I thought it might be too distracting. Should I add one and if so what should it be-a flower, guitar, bird, skull and cross bones....?

SAQA Auction Piece is Sold!!

I am a member of SAQA (Studio Arts Quilters Association) and they have an art quilt auction which raises money for art quilt exhibitions and outreach programs. They encouraged each member to make and donate a 12 x 12 art quilt of their liking to be auctioned off in September/October of 2010. The auction raised $52,000 and I found out my piece was purched by a woman in California; I am thrilled to have a complete stranger choose my art quilt and it's fun to know my piece is in sunny California!! I will definitely make a piece for the 2011 auction.

Channeling the 1960s

Here is my newest "baby." It is larger than most of my art quilts at 39 x 48. I needed a change from the usual- I was having a 1960s/Twiggy moment and I felt like working in pastel yellow/pink/blue tints. I have discovered I like circles and used the circular Kaffe Fassett fabric in the outer border and cut apartto look like free floating buubles. The figure is raw edge fused applique and I actually hand appliqued the curved background to the black background! I didn't want to because I'm not a hand sewer but it seemed the best method. The large earring is appliqued vinyl to give that 1960 feel (another circle). The face is machine quilted to the max as a rebelion of the judge at the Minnesota Quilt Show telling me in my ctitique I didn't have enough quilting of the face of the woman in the quilt. I purposely leave the cheekbone area free of stitching to make it push outward like a real cheekbone. So I was pi#*%d off at the traditional judge for "not getting my vision!" This situation with the judging has moved me in the direction of the art community. I intend to enter in gallery displays and frame more of my pieces. Also I plan to stay away from traditional quilt show entries that do not have a art quilt category. Anyway, back to my new piece which I call "Bubbly Blonde". The face is stitched pink on pink with a sun, some rainbows, a few hearts and loads of swirls. I have embellished the hair with pale yellow gliter, the lips with Shiva Painkstiks and the background has large sequins flowing around it. I will enter in a art quilt show in the future.

Art in the Park Projects

I enlarged my 4 x 6 fabric postcards and changed the hairstyles to an inverted bob and a rocker "Kat Von D." style. I mounted the images on Fast2Fuse and eliminated batting. I decorative stitched with varigated thread to finish the outside edges. I have fabric paint and glitter as accents and they will be mounted in 8 x 10 picture frames for the upcoming local Art in the Park at Henes Park in Menominee, MI. The date is Sunday August 22, 2010 from 11-4. I will have fabric postcards, these pictures here and a few larger pieces. I am testing the art show waters with the help of my art friends Glenda Banta and Pam Sahlbom. They are encouraging me and also providing some of the displays to show off my art. When the four pieces are put together they have a Andy Warhol look to them!!

Menominee Art Council at the Bonifas Art Center

I am a member of the Menominee (MI) Area Arts Council. It is a local group of artists and people who love art and want to promote art. We had the opportunity to have gallery space at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba MI from June 30-August 3, 2010. The Bonifas is an awesome art center about one hour north of Menominee. I wish Menominee had an art center like this with continuing art classes, exhibits and musical performances. Anyway, there was an artist reception today and here I am with my piece "Woman with Red Lipstick 2". Like my superwoman shirt?? There is a SAQA (Studio Arts Quilts Association) traveling exhibit of national art quilts coming to the Bonifas this August and September. In the upper gallery there will be art quilts of the Upper Peninsula. I will hear this coming week if my three pieces are accepted into the show.

No More Caca Yucko!!

This is the reworked quilt top after removing the golds that were bugging me. I replaced them with magenta/orange batiks with hints of gold. I left a few of the golds but the quilt lacked depth and I am happy with the changes. To me, the thread painting with define and create the zing in the quilt. I chose to off center the figure which leaves a far amount of background which needs quilting. I'm leaning toward a doodling affect. My schedule does not allow me to get in my studio until late Saturday so I can't work of this project until then. Peace out. :)

Commissioned Quilt

I was commissioned to make a small wall hanging for a local friend. His intention was to have two intertwined red roses and his name and his friend's name on the piece. He allowed me to havecreative control of the project. I Googled images of roses to get the best details. I freehanded the drawing and raw edged fused appliqued the roses, stems and leaves. I used three values of red for the roses and did a small amount of permanent marker to detail the flower. I machine quilted the quilt and then added the lettering. The lettering font I find from going to Word Document and then drawing it out on graph paper. I use the same technique to apply the words as the rose. I hope my friend is pleased with the quilt!!


I showed this quilt in it's earliest stages and now it is finished. I am pleased with the contrast of light and dark. I like the gradation of greens in the background and love the spiky hair. I used batiks for the raw edged fused applique because of the tightly woven quality of the fabrics. I embellished the quilt with beads in the green background, rhinestones in the outer border, blue glitter eyeliner and some pink, green and purple paintstiks on the hair to highlight areas. I intend to enter it in upcoming shows in 2010.

Ist Place!!!!

I entered this quilt in the Michigan Quilt Network's Quilt Show "Show Your Colors!" in Lansing MI on September 10-13, 2009.I call the quilt "The Blue Wig". I was not at the show so I mailed my quilt to the show and it arrived back home today and I was pleased to see I had received a blue ribbon.

Wisconsin Quilt Expo

I just returned from the regional quilt show in Madison WI. It is sponsored by Nancys Notions and Wisconsin Public Television. I entered a quilt for the first time after attending it the last two yrs. Iwas thrilled to have been juried into this show and not at all sad/mad I did not receive a ribbon. As my quilting friend, Jeanne P. from Kaukauna WI, calls the judging a "crap shoot". This is a great philosphy to take or you would made yourself crazy. I used a pattern from a book called "StrataVarious Quilts" for the background. I used 48 rainbow colored batiks. They are strip pieced and then cut into squares on point in various sizes and sewn back together. Then I drew a picture of the woman and raw edge fused appliqued it to the quilt. I went crazy with embellishing from beads to an electrical cord to felt to tulle. This quilt wil be exhibited at the AQS IOWA Show late October.

Should Quilts Be in Museums??

As I turn toward art quilts ,and away from traditional quilts, my thoughts lean toward artsy things. I want quilts in museums and art galleries!! They have categories when there is a call for artists called "fiber art". Isn't a quilt fiber? I think quilts can no longer be considered blankets that just keep us warm. I have had people assume if I was a quiltmaker then I made blankets. After doing show and tell at the local quilt guild, and displaying a wall hanging with lots of embellishments, a member asked me how I planned to wash it. I explained to her it was to hang on the wall like a piece of art and wouldn't need laundering. I have been entering a few of my art quilts in area art shows and exhibits. I want to share art quilts with everyone-especially those who would never see them at a traditional quilt show. I hope to show that art quilts are justified as art and belong in the galleries and museums along with the oils, acrylics, metals and sculptures. On a side note, I was reading in the SAQA Summer '09 magazine about should quilters study art? Some art quilters come from an art background, say as a painter, and have studied these things. And some art quilters start as traditional quilters where they have relied on the quilt store to choose their next project (kits). To learn the principles of design is important in all aspects of design be it quilting, gardening, decorating or fashion design. So yes, study the arts--it can only move you to a higher understanding of why your art quilts are improving and are more pleasing to the eye!!! Maybe your next masterpiece will win a ribbon at the national quilt shows!!


I am submitting my quilted wall hanging called "The Blue Wig" in the Michigan Quilt Network's "Share Your Colors" Quilt Show in Lansing MI on Sept. 11-13, 2009. I am entered in the challenge quilt category. Each of us who wanted to be challenged were given 2 crayons and the rules were to use only these colors in any value and black/white and 1 other color. I will not be attending this show because I live closer to WI and will be attending the Quilt Expo in Madison WI the same weekend. Each show has a website: and