Sapphire and Topaz

This is the photo of the brain buster quilt!! It is big for me at 51" x 40" and I am entering it in an unknown contest based on a minimum size requirement. The design influence began with a small photo of a hairstyle in one of the beauty supply catalogs I receive. I have a female attorney as a hair customer and consulted with her about copyrights and using this photo. After the conversation I decided to mirror image the woman in the picture, change the colors of the hair, and I added things to the face and hair and took away the body of the woman. I feel it is okay now and is not a copy but an inspiriation. Any thoughts on this subject??

I then decided to work in a blue and orange color palette because I was doing the lecture on the elements of design and these colors kept popping up in the research. I also have not worked in this color combo so why not. Pink is my favorite color but orange is my new favorite and I had fun with these colors. They remind me of Appleton West High School colors and the orange reminds me of summer, sunsets and warmth!!

I chose a realistic color palette for the face and suprisingly I kept the face fairly simple without glitter and rhinestones because I thought it turned out nice the way it was. The way the batik was cut I was able to get great shading without trying too hard!!

For the hair I found this great metallic which had both blue and orange and a batik that was interesting. for the highlights/lowlights.

The background was made of various oranges cut into squares and I sewed many, one weeks worth of, circles to look like a bullseye using an orange variageted thread. The blue outer border repeats the circle motif and is free motion quilted with a freeform flower design using a Sulky Blendables thread. I always block my quilts when they are finished but this piece became very distorted from the circular quilting and I "preblocked" the quilt and then added the flowers, binding, and embellishments and blocked it again when it was completed.

Next I used three different large scale florals and fussy cut them to add to the outer border, the hair, cheeks and a few scattered. I then sewed blue felt and regular buttons to repeat the circle theme and orange flower buttons, both felt and regular, to the quilt. I have beads in both colors in various sizes to accent the flowers using Silamide thread which is awesome!!

This quilt took me so long mostly because of all the machine quilting and hand stitched beads/buttons. I named it after the color theme and "Blue and Orange" seemed a bit bland so it became "Sapphire and Topaz" since topaz is my birthstone so it seemed fitting.

Quilt Retreat In Door County WI

I went on my second quilt retreat and have a few pictures to share. Ellen P. from Appleton sat next to me for the second yr and she is a garment seamstress and not really a quilter. She made this "Chanel" jacket in my favorite color. The crazy part is that it is for a 6 yr. old niece. I learned about Chanel couturewear and all the details like a quilted lining, chains on the hemline, 2-3 piece sleeves, trims and buttons. I was so into it I have to make one for myself. So the next time I am at Joann Fabrics I will look at tweeds. trims and patterns. I figure it will be putsy but will last a lifetime.
This is a quilt top that will be hugely king size. It is very graphic and eye catching. There are center squares of various jeweltones scattered about. Barb B. from Appleton is making this for a nephew's wedding next yr. I love the results but would never make this because it's too large.
This quilt top caught my attention because I love batiks, it was very graphic and I colo the gradation of color.

I did alot at the retreat and I will show the images next time I blog.

Playing Around

I was paging through a magazine at work and saw a Ray-Ban ad which had a face that was black with a rainbow colored lines that looked to me like a neon lite. I am attracted to all art forms where a face or portrait is viewed. I saw this ad as the opposite of the art I do where I have a colorful background and black "line drawings" in batik. I thought what would it look like to do the same image my way and then the opposite way as in the magazine add? So I was playing around and the photo above is the end result. I was dying to use some of the wonderful brights from the new fabric line by quilter Jan Mullen from Moda Fabrics. And I used my favorite Hoffman batik that's black with hints of blue. The two images are exactly the same except for the placement of color. The left one ended up looking like Haley Berry and that wasn't planned. I call this piece Positive and Negative" since it reminds me of a photograph. I'm surprisedIi only used two fabrics and two threads since I'm the scrappy type!! It became a study of color, line and shape and how positioning color in certain ways changes the whole look of the project. I chose to not embellish this piece because I didn't think it needed it.

Second Place Ribbon in Marquette

My quilt "Hera and Aphrodite" won 2nd Place in the Marquette MI "Autumn Comforts" Quilt Show held on Oct. 16-17, 2010. I placed the quilt in the Original Design/Art Quilt category which ended up with 17 quilts. This guild has many awesome art quilters and I thought my chances were slim for a ribbon. This quilt technique was a new one with a mosaic style of applique placement. I was exploring the "golden ratio" of facial proportion when I designed this piece. I selected cool tones for the skin and warm tones for the hair. I went out of the box and chose a white background instead of my normal black with brights. All the applique is done with batiks. The background figure is all thread painted with rainbow varigated thread and some white shimmer paint. It was a study of contrasts in female strength vs soft and upon completion of this quilt my boyfriend, Ken, declared it wasn't my normal stuff and he really didn't "get it or liked it". He even asked me to remove it from the wall in our living room because it was staring at him. He now says he likes the quilt because a quilt judge found something artsy in it to give it a quilt ribbon. The Marquette Guild also made very fun and colorful ribbons with streamers of colorful yarn which was creative and decorative !!

Halloween Pin-up Witch

I decided to make a new Halloween wall hanging since this is my favorite holiday. I found the outside skull batik this fall and the majority of the other fabrics I had in my stash. I wanted to make a pin-up girl that was a sexy witch. I love using the combination of orange, lime green and purple for Halloween. I also try to use a stripe and a polka dot in all my quilts. I could not get the correct affect of the striped stockings so I used a Pigma pen and drew them on. I raw edged fused applique the witch, pumpkin and broom and embellished with fabric paint, fabric markers, glitter and glitter glue and a few rhinestones.

No More Caca Yucko!!

This is the reworked quilt top after removing the golds that were bugging me. I replaced them with magenta/orange batiks with hints of gold. I left a few of the golds but the quilt lacked depth and I am happy with the changes. To me, the thread painting with define and create the zing in the quilt. I chose to off center the figure which leaves a far amount of background which needs quilting. I'm leaning toward a doodling affect. My schedule does not allow me to get in my studio until late Saturday so I can't work of this project until then. Peace out. :)