Art Quilts Around The World Chalenge: Bubbles

Bubbles Challenge full view.JPG

This is my entry for my Facebook group Art Quilts Around The World’s current challenge call3ed Bubbles. I immediately thought of the lyric “Bubble headed bleach blonde comes on a 8” from the song Dirty Laundry by Don Henley from the band The Eagles. As a hairdresser that lyric always made me smile. I chose a 1960s theme with a huge off the page blonde bouffant hairstyle with a sheer bow and a 1960s Emilio Pucci print for her dress. Then the woman in the quilt is chewing bubble gum . I titled this Double Bubble . I love it to death and it is hanging in the new salon I will start working at Wednesday May 29th, 2019.

Beehives and Bouffants

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I have not posted in a while since I had a busy month of quilt classes, attending an area quilt show, prepping for my 4th visit to teach at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and actually traveling and attending the IQF Houston show. The stress of deadlines are over!! I started this little whimsical quilt before the Houston show and finished it after I returned home. It started with the outside border fabric which I found in September at Bungalow Quilt Shop of Ripon WI while I was attending the WI Quilt Expo. Since I am a hairdresser I am attracted to anything with hairstyles on it. I love the 1960s and retro big hair-think the movie "Hairspray" with Ricki Lake!!. I had originally planned to use colorful fabric markers and "color" in the hair motifs similar to a coloring book design. After trying a few hairstyles with the markers I didn't like it and decided to use the fabric as is and add color from the hair, lips and inner border fabrics.

I saw there were three different hairstyles in the border print and I drew them in the same size scale as my Whimsical Selfie Quilt pattern. I added a simple shift dress for each lady. I picked pink, yellow and orange for the hair to have fun colors to balance the neutrality of the border fabric. I gave the ladies crazy lipstick color as well. As I was working on this quilt I decided the hair needed some black bows a la the 1960s. I decided the yellow middle lady did not need a bow but added a subtle brooch idea to the lower neckline for balance

This was a fun easy enough project and I plan to turn it into a pattern. I will make another version with "normal" hair color and a lipstick outer border. I will need until early 2018 to design the pattern.