Bobbie Pin: Rockabilly Chick

 This quilt began as another quilt which was for a Ricky Timm's Convergence challenge. I purchased a piece of his hand dyed fabric and then used it in the challenge. When I received the fabric I thought it was the ugliest fabric in the world-brown and muddy looking! It needed some bright colors to help it out! I wanted to do a portrait quilt with raw edged fused applique over the Convergence pieced background and drew up a design with a Rockabilly woman with tattoos and fun retro hair. It is fun combine my hairdressing career with my quilt designs!  The photos of the original quilt are toward the bottom of this blog post. I made that quilt in October but never shared the photos because of the epic fail.
I will talk now about the my newest version. While teaching last November at Houston my Janome tech support woman was sewing a project with a fun line of fabrics called "Good Hair Day!" This fabric line caught my attention because of the bobby pins, blow dryers, hair combs, curls and braids. Once I was home from Houston I ordered this fabric line. I enlarged my normal 5" square to 5.5" and added a border. The rest of the project went pretty conventional in construction. I quilted the background in a triple crosshatch design. When it was complete it reminded me of a 1960s silk robe's quilting I had as a child! Very retro just like the Rockabilly theme!
I embellished the quilt with blue rhinestones and a large bead for an earring was hand sewn in place. A small amount of fabric paint and glitter nail polish to accentuate the eyes. I discovered I had colored sparkly blue bobby pins which I hand sewed to the corners in the outer border and two in the hair area.  The fabric motifs were very strong and showy and too many embellishments seemed senseless. I had fun creating the flower, heart and Hello Kitty tattoos-I have not added tattoos to a quilt before.

This is a close up view of the face.
 These are the photos of the failed attempt. What went wrong? There is not enough contrast between the pink used in the applique and the pieced background.
I made several attempts to add definition to the face by adding lots of glitter and fabric paint. The details just do not show up. I did enter the online Convergence contest and, of course, I did not get accepted. I love the newer quilt with plenty of contrast and am stuck with the original quilt. What should I do with it since it's not something I am proud of?

2012 Hoffman Challenge Entry Award Winner!!

I entered the 2012 Hoffman Challenge for the third year and I received an e-mail yesterday from the curator letting me know my quilt called "1940s USO" was awarded the Best Incorporation of the Challenge Fabric for the Mixed Quilt Category. Oh Happy Day!! I made this last November and could not post it until now! This was such a fun project. I saw the large  purple floral (challenge fabric) as 1940s curtain fabric and I am obsessed with 40s/vintage hairstyles and that's how it began. I used my "Black Bob" pattern and after researching 40s style make-up and eyebrow shapes I changed the eye shape, brows and hair to fit the decade. I was a paper doll junkie as a child and my daughter (who is also obsessed with the 40s) gave me a big girl paper doll book of 1940s fashions which inspired the hat and jacket with the big shoulders. I made vintage earrings with beads, trapuntoed a fussy cut flower on the hat and ruched some variegated ribbon through it, added flower shaped sequins and beads in the hat, added a bit of purple with pink tulle to the hat like a fascinator and a few rhinestones aroulnd the borders. I added a mini flange near the binding which I had never done before. Most of the other fabrics are from Pine Street Quilts in Marintte WI where I work on Tuesdays. I prequilted the Convergence background before I fused the applique on and then quilted the applique over the other quilting. My daughter named the quilt when I saw her at Thanksgiving and I stared at it in my studio until I mailed it in June. I am happy it will travel for the next year and lots of people get to see it. Soon the 2013 fabric will be exposed and I can try the challenge all over again!!

Fabrications III: Art Quilts of the U.P.

I may have posted this quilt before when I made it for my local quilt groups 2010 quilt show challenge but it has been chosen for inclusion in the Fabrications III: Art Quilts of the U.P. at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba, MI. The exhibit runs from March 29-April 36, 2012 with an artists reception on Thursday April 12 from 7-9EST. This exhibit is every other year and this is the third time the Bonifas has done it-in 2010 my Tina quilt was entered and I won second place!!

This quilt began with three fabrics-the gold crackle, the dark green batik and the small floral print. I kept seeing the Green Bay Packer colors and couldn't get insprired. One of the local quilt shops got in a line of fabric with greens, browns and yellows and I had a plan. I used Ricky Timms' convengence quilt as a background and did a raw edged fused applique technique for the image of the earth mother. It has a very naturey feel to it and I added rhinestones, silk and felt flowers, leave buttons, silk leaves, and a decorative button as part of the necklace as embellishments. When I look at this quilt it is very calming to me.

The second photo is a close up of the face area.

Red, White, Blue and Happy Birthday!!

When I taught a Convergence class earlier this month I needed a class sample. I chose a tie-dye of red, white and blue with embossed stars, a red and white polka dot, a white background with small blue and red stars and a Alexander Henry print with patriotic pin-up girls. I used a mini stripe for the inner border and a cool peace sign print in red, white and blue. I made this for my daughter, Jordana, for her upcoming birthday in June. Jordana was a history major in college and the loves the WW II era. I thought the pinup print looked like from the '40's. She also loves peace signs. I quilted it wth Sulky Blendables in the Americana colors. I embellished it with sparkly foamy stars. The back of the quilt is this crazy "democrat" fabric. I found it fitting for Jordana since she is a liberal democrat. The fabric line also had a republican fabric to keep it "fair and balanced"! (And if she reads this she will know one o her birthday gifts)

Convergence Class Sample

I hope to teach a Convergence construction class at Quilter's Haven Quilt Shop in Menominee MI and this is my class sample. I had attempted to teach this class before and the owner thought people are afraid of it thinking it is too difficult. I want to show it is easy with straight stitiching and rotary cutting. My sample is in fabrics more subdued that I would normally chose with contrasting borders. I fussy cut Kaffe flowers and fused them to the top of the quilt. I embellished the quilt with some fun felt flowers I found at Joanns and a few rhinestones and glliter nail polish. I liked the contrast of the fuzzy felt and the shiny rhinestones/glitter. The weather here in the upper midwest has gone from beautiful sunshine and above normal temps to damp, rainy and foggy. I have managed to get the mother of all head colds. This cold has caused me to miss work and not be in my studio until late yesterday. I think I'm going to be able to taste my food today and not have to blow my nose every second.