Art Quilts Around The World-In The Garden Challenge-Mosaic Garden Art

My Facebook art quilt group Art Quilts Around the World has reveal day for the current art quilt challenge. The theme is "In the Garden" which sounded easy because I garden but it is the beginning of what the calendar says is Spring and I am challenged to remember what my garden looks like. As you scroll down I took a photo of the same side of my house where I have a big flowerbed and the comparison photo today March 31st and at the end of May. If you garden you will understand the zones of gardening and I am in Zone 4 and a bit of a wait to plant anything or put out my garden art.

So I resorted to photographs of my garden and found the photo of the mosaic stained glass stepping stone my boyfriend Ken made in 2006. I drew the image of a woman with blue skin and a sun around her head. Ken added the yellow triangles to the outer edge. It sits in a flower bed by my side door into my kitchen and I plant a lot of yellows, blues and orange flowers and have other color coordinating garden art near it. It makes me happy!
I also have done a art quilt technique with a mosaic style where all the applique pieces are separate from each other and the background "grout" shows through instead of overlapping the pieces. This style is not my fave because you have to stop and start each stitched applique piece because they do not touch. More work and more thread. But to make this project look like a piece of garden art it had to be made this way.
I added very little embellishment because it's garden art but I did add a little red glitter nail polish to the lips and the purple eye lids got some purple bling.

The next challenge is due May 31st and it is called "Out of This World" and I am feeling like an alien invasion!!
The east side of my house on March 31st-brown, barren and last Fall's leftovers.

A file photo of my garden on the same side of the house on May 31st. Green and happy!!

Yes, I Do Other Things Besides Quilt-I Garden!!

Since it's May and my 2011 flowers are still babies I am showing you a photo of last yr's garden because I do other things beside quilt!! I love to garden and this is a photo of the awesome garden shed Ken made using recycled materials such as weathered wood, windows from an old milking barn, old rust hinges, old chair, old bear trap on the wall, old garden tools, old door, a rusty horse shoe to hook the door etc. I just found out the Landree/Ceesay Gardens are selected in the Marinette/Menominee area Garden Walk on July 15-16, 2011. We live on a quiet street and not a lot of people see my flowers, Ken's stained glass stepping stones and benches, the pond with fish and frogs, our many flea market/"American Picker" finds and my funky garden art. So here's our big chance! I'll post more about this in July when I get the details.

I have a gardening friend, Jennifer Larabbe,who manages the flower shed at Walter Brothers True Value, and she lent me this awesome gardening magazine "Flea Market Gardening" and I discovered they have a website, and a Facebook page, Very cool to see other people garden in the same style as Ken and I. Check out the magazine, blog and Facebook page!!

New Garden Art

I had this weird size old window screen from my former home in Appleton WI and I painted this woman with the Marilyn Monroe vibe. I had it in my garden in Appleton and moved it to my yard in Menominee MI but the screen started ripping after a few years and I stuffed it in the garden shed. When I went on the garden walk last Tuesday in Door County WI there was a painted window screen on display in one onf the gardens. I remembered the one I had in the shed and asked Ken, the MacGyver of the Midwest, if he could replace the screen. He also tweaked the frame to be more stable and I repainted my "Marilyn" lady. I changed the dress to a halter style but I liked how I had painted it originally and did not change anything else. I also repainted the frame-it needs to weather a bit and I hung it on the outside door to the pond area. It was a beautiful day in the yard and I painted it in the sun and the drying process went quick. My quilting projects aren't quite that speedy so it was a refreshing change!!