New Garden Art

I had this weird size old window screen from my former home in Appleton WI and I painted this woman with the Marilyn Monroe vibe. I had it in my garden in Appleton and moved it to my yard in Menominee MI but the screen started ripping after a few years and I stuffed it in the garden shed. When I went on the garden walk last Tuesday in Door County WI there was a painted window screen on display in one onf the gardens. I remembered the one I had in the shed and asked Ken, the MacGyver of the Midwest, if he could replace the screen. He also tweaked the frame to be more stable and I repainted my "Marilyn" lady. I changed the dress to a halter style but I liked how I had painted it originally and did not change anything else. I also repainted the frame-it needs to weather a bit and I hung it on the outside door to the pond area. It was a beautiful day in the yard and I painted it in the sun and the drying process went quick. My quilting projects aren't quite that speedy so it was a refreshing change!!

Menominee Area Art Council (MAAC) Winter Art Exhibit

The Menominee MI Area Art Council has been diligently enriching the community with artwork from area artists. Menominee City Hall officials agreed and have allowed MAAC to put up a seasonal display of artwork on the city hall walls. The first display started on Tuesday, Dec. 1st and will have a winter theme. It will switch to a spring theme in March. I applause city government for supporting community artists. On top of everything else it is FREE!!! I have a quilt that I consider traditional with a snowflake and evergreen tree theme. The photos are various views of the exhibit. Check it out if you are nearby!